Does Your Homeschooler Need To Dissect Dead Animals?





 This is reason 110 why we homeschool! Our kids are not forced to dissect cats! Nor do they need to feel like they are not smarter, stronger, or cooler than a dead cat if they choose to not go digging around in it’s stinky eye watering guts! 

A blogging friend ( posted the above image on her instagram page and instantly I thought, thank goodness my homeschooled kids do not have to dissect dead animals unless they really want to. There is no state requirement in any of the states we have yet lived that requires playing with dead animal guts! Chances are, there isn’t any laws in your state that require it either!

This though poses the question, is there good reason to do it anyway? I mean don’t Doctors and nurses and such need these basic steps to get where they are going? I think if that is their path it is something homeschool parents should be ready to do with them!

If you have a child that is planning on getting into a field that they will be dealing with body parts you can order everything from sheeps brains to dogs to dissect on

For the rest of us I think it is perfectly acceptable to use sites like that offer simulated dissections! This saves animals lives and keeps some of the gross factor and of course the basic educational value. There are also dissection toys for younger kids to help them get an idea of anatomy but it lacks a lot of the ick factor.

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