News: Judge says no vaccines, no school, for public health. What next, no perfect genes, no kids, for public health!

News: Judge says no vaccines, no school, for public health. What next, no perfect genes, no kids, for public health?

by Jeffrey HamiltonImage by: Jeffrey Hamilton

Think about it, just what are we willing to give up for public health?

Fact: Some people have vaccine reactions.

Fact: Some people die from vaccine reactions.

Fact: The public tax payers pay millions to those damaged by vaccines.

Fact: People only get help when vaccine damaged if Doctors report the reaction. There is no mandatory reporting. Meaning vaccine injury is likely much higher than reported.

Double blind studies on vaccine safety are not done with a placebo, they are tested against other vaccines, that isn’t “good science!”

FACT: Many of the people in the outbreaks have already been fully vaccinated. We know that outbreaks have happened in fully vaccinated environments.

Why do they keep saying that if 85% of people are vaccinated against measles we will have herd immunity? No wait, that didn’t work, so lets try 90% and now are up to 95% THEORY. Yes, science changes with new information but lets stop acting like it already has all the answers when it comes to vaccines, lets stop being sheeple!

So what happened in the news that got me so ranty on this blog?

“Judge William F. Kuntz II has ruled to uphold a New York City policy that bars unvaccinated children from attending school when another student has a disease preventable by a vaccination, reports The New York Times.” 

I told my dear cousin, who shared the news with me this:

I have seen the village, and they are idiots, and I don’t want them raising my kids! Sad to see yet another attack on health care choice. I sadly think like many things thought safe at first by science and later accepted to not be, it takes time, it takes battles, and there is no way we are going to get safer vaccines if people just accept the damage they do and the crap science used to support them. We need better studies so those like me, who react, and those who die, don’t have to gamble with their lives for the possible health of the community. We are not religious, we are freethinkers, A freethinker is defined as one who arrives at their beliefs through the use of reason, science, logic, and empiricism rather than by relying on dogma. It is my belief that sadly science is being used as religion has been, and like our government, science in some areas is being taken over by corporate interests and not public safety. As long as the public tax payers are paying the millions in vaccine damage, and not the vaccine makers, things will not change. I think this ruling proves Geralds point in his blog posts. People are not being held at gun point to vaccinate but that doesn’t mean they are not being forced to do it. In this case, parents will have to choose to vaccinate or not send their kids to public school. Not everyone can homschool or afford private school. In any case, glad we homeschool. Thanks for sharing this hun, I will blog it as one of the reasons we homeschool in the series I am doing on those reasons!

So I ask you, if we are asked to possibly give up our health and possibly our lives to vaccinate everyone for the good of public health, what next? Are we going to only let those people with perfect genes have children for the good of public health? This is a very slippy road we are on! 

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