Should you duct tape your child to the floor for nap time?

  I think when asked most parents would say that they absolutely would never duct tape a child to the floor for nap time. Right? It seems though one private Montessori school (Heart 2 Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park) thinks it is a good idea. Why else would they have reported done it to a few kids?

Here is a photo of a supposed child duct taped to a sleeping pad on the floor.


Have you noticed all my careful legal wording? Innocent until proven guilty right? It has a bit to do with this:


It appears the school is scrambling legally and I don’t of course want to get caught up in all that. I do though want to use this as a reminder to myself. This is now reason 118 why we homeschool! We homeschool so that schools don’t think they have the right to duct tape our kids to the floor for not taking a nap.

My 3 year olds didn’t take naps all the time. I certainly didn’t punish them for it. Some kids don’t. I just don’t understand how anyone can justify doing that to a child. Isn’t restraints illegal unless prescribed by a doctor and very regulated as to method and duration? Tell me I am wrong about this.

If a parent did this wouldn’t it be abuse or neglect? I hope just because it (reportedly) is a school doing that they don’t just sweep it under the rug. I know I might sound like a broken record because so many home schooling parents say it, but what about parental rights? What about rights for the kids? How would that teacher like to be duct taped down against their will? -shiver-

The school calls the situation “extremely exaggerated.”

Really… extremely exaggerated. How are they going to try to spin this? Either they taped kids to sleeping mats or they didn’t. It looks like they did from the photo right? Maybe all the outraged parents are wrong? Maybe the gag orders are for… a good reason? Perhaps, but perhaps not. We shall see how this plays out.

If it was a homeschooling family the parents would of course all ready be in jail I think. What do you think?

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  1. Uplifting Families says:

    This is so sad and I am disturbed about this happening in a daycare center. It is a daycare/preschool near my own home and I am thankful that my son didn’t go to this particular school. What bother’s me the most, it is supposed to be a Christian based school. The paper said the girl who took the photo quit her job after posting the photo. Apparently, they had issues with the particular kid and he never wanted to nap. Regardless, this is horrible. Why not pull the kid out during naptime or find something that works better.