Giveaway – $50 Costco Cash Card

Welcome to the Giveaway! Huggies Plus Products At Costco-Get A Chance to Win   Right now Costco members have a chance to win a $50 Costco Cash Card! Check out Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers and Huggies Natural Care® Plus Wipes at Costco. For more details check out the review here. As for my […]

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Be Good To Yourself – $100 Giveaway


    Are you Good To Yourself? Lets face it, most of us could take better care of ourselves, specially mothers! We tend to put work and others first and ourselves last. Is it any wonder why so many of us are out of shape, sleeping poorly, or completely confused over what health problems we […]

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What are the kids into?


  I haven’t updated on what the kids are up to these days so I thought this beautiful but terribly hot Sunday would be a nice time to settle in with a cup of tea and do that! Smilie Baby is now 4 and a wonderfully wild little preschooler. She has a passion for learning […]

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Helping Children Self-Motivate When Things Are Hard


  Motivation can be a tricky thing for all of us and while we tend to know at least in an abstract way what we are aiming for when doing certain things, it can be a lot harder to find the motivation when everything is going wrong! When we burn part of dinner, or when […]

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The NEW Secret to Perfect Family Movie Night Popcorn


Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s blog post! Movie Night Can Be Chaos! One would think that a simple movie night would be a walk in the park, just get the snacks and settle the family down in front of the movie! However for us, there always seems to be many more steps, like […]

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The Secret on How to Store Everything!

  As you might imagine, being a military family and moving so much (over 12 times in 16 years!) means knowing how to use storage, specially as our household goods when moving with the military can be stuck in storage for a very long time. Storage when not done correctly can not only take up […]

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3 Little Minecrafters up all night in bed….


  Yes we homeschool and yes our kids play minecraft! It seems like some silly stereo type but this one actually fits us! Of course there are many homeschooling stereo types that don’t fit. We don’t homeschool for religious reasons as we are secular homeschoolers. We are good without god believe it or not! Or […]

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Review – Attitude’s new 40% off all the time Program!


    In case you didn’t know, ATTITUDE is a canadian company (They also ship to the USA) that cares about health and sustainability. They specialize in cleaning products and care products that only have the safest ingredients. This is not the first time I have reviewed them but this one is special in that […]

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Planning Restaurant Parties Don’t Need to Be a Headache


Big parties don’t come around that often; and big events such as birthdays, engagements, or graduations are a great excuse to get everyone together. It’s also easier to pick from the myriad of restaurants and let the staff take care of everything instead of you worrying about catering, cleaning or having enough space for all […]

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Backyard Chicken Update: We have Eggs!


  Our journey into backyard chickens started this spring when we moved to Georgia and choose to live out in the country rather than in the city where my husband works. It was a sacrifice in some ways but we wanted the space for the kids to play, the safety it afforded us, and the […]

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Tips for Teaching a Child How to Swim


Hosted Post!   Every child should learn how to swim. Even if you don’t have a pool or live anywhere near a beach it is still important for them to learn. They don’t want to be the one kid at camp that has to sit on the beach while everyone plays in the water. Not […]

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How to get tiny kitten to poop!


  If you have never rescued a small abandoned kitten then you might not know that little kittens can’t poop on their own! Who would have thought? All that loving on them that Mama Cats do isn’t just to clean them, it really is to help them with digestion and to get them to poop […]

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Review – The Giggle Farm Book You Color

photo 3   I have not yet met a child that doesn’t love to color and most all kids love books! One of the problems with coloring books is that they often get sort of colored in and then fall apart. They are not made to last or to be kept. This book, The Giggle Farm, […]

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Giveaway + Review – Intelliglass for your cell phone from Intelliarmor

resize_7ea9eefcdce5707cc8f5888c62f87b75682e7fcfd6d67d4911b4d9ee8fef0d915ef075d8250250 intelliGLASS is like no other screen protector I have ever tried and I have tried many! We seem to get a new cell phone in this house at least one a year, add to that the three tablets that use screen protectors and even the 3DS the kids have, we know them well. Even the […]

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4 Things to be sure to consider when thinking about a Home Birth.


I am glad that after 4 hospital births I was brave enough to try a homebirth. Granted my husband was a soldier in iraq at the time, just home long enough it seems to leave me a little present he wasn’t going to be home in time to catch at delivery. With all the brave […]

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Using The Internet To Find Dog Friendly Ideas

 Guest Post   We need to understand the fact that there are many dog friendly ideas that are available at the moment, much more than what was available in the past. The problem is that dog owners from around the world do not actually know much about them. In fact, many believe that there are […]

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Mr. Handsome – How to get him to cut his hair!


  Normally we follow this simple belief in our home. His hair, his choice. This goes for clothing, and all sorts of things and for all the kids. As we are crunchy and have crunchy values we believe it is his body and his choice so when he was a baby we didn’t get him […]

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Most Food Firms Not Ready for FIR

 Guest Post: The Food Information Regulation, otherwise known as FIR, is set to take effect on December 13, and food manufacturers are doing their best to accommodate the changes that will take place with regards to food labelling. The problem, though, is that the majority of food manufacturers aren’t yet ready, even with the year […]

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Let things pull you away from the screens!


  Sometimes I honestly spend too much time behind a screen. Like many people I am trying to find a balance. I try to follow the common rules, no cell phones at dinner or on dates (unless we are both looking at the same one to find information or enhance an experience). There are other […]

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Four Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me about Homeschooling


 Guest Post   I’ve been homeschooling for well over a decade now and every once in a while I sit down and reflect on our beginning years and how much has changed.  Yes, we have three times as many children as we did back in the day. Yes, we now lived in a cramped house […]

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