Reason 108 Why We Homeschool – Too many GA school shootings

10 school shooting in Georgia since Newtown


Shootings at K-12 schools in red, at colleges/universities in purple. Everytown for Gun Safety/Mark Gongloff


One of the many reasons we homeschool is due to violence in schools. It is not the only reason by far but it does come to mind when we live in a country with more than one school shooting a week. It is absolutely horrible to say after a reported shooting “thats why we homeschool” as it is not an option for everyone and it is salt in a wound, as if parents who have lost children could have prevented it. Homeschoolers try not to say it, but we think it, and we certainly say it to one another. And so I am honestly putting here on the blog.

We recently moved to a state that passed a very pro-gun law. People can carry guns in bars and churches, libraries, and approved people on school grounds. It is not as if GA was not already pro-gun. I think it shows too because since Newtown there has been 10 school shootings in GA, more than any other state. It is frightening and more guns are not the answer in my opinion. Yes, I am a military wife but not pro-violence. Did you know that if you live on a military post you can not keep fire arms in your home? We don’t even trust our own soldiers with firearms in their own homes. What does that say for our country? Simply put, it isn’t worth the risk!

No guns in our homeschool!

You will not find guns in my home! Even though we do not live on post, we still do not have guns in our home. Guns get locked up on post in the arms room, safe and sound. There are other ways to protect oneself and ways less likely to be turned and used against us.


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