School says threatening to break the school dress code is an act of terrorism!



 I found myself in shocked disbelief as I read the headline about a Georgia Middle school that suspended students for simply planning to break the school dress code in an act of protest against what they feel isn’t a far rule. It isn’t simply the suspension though that creates the shock, it is the fact that the school called the planning threatened terrorism. 

 It might be the fact that my husband has been in the military these last 16 years and dealt first hand with real terrorism, or it could be the American History lover in me but what the hell is that school thinking? It gets worse with the children who planned to join in having to write an essay about why civil disobedience is a crime. Not a balanced essay that includes how civil disobedience has created real world change, the possible consequences, when things have gone wrong and why. No, just a one sided essay on why the kids should conform or else. Is this what schools are teaching kids these days? To be sheeple who can not even question fashion rules? 

It sounds ludicrous right? There has to be more to this story right? Any logical person would think so but the school as far as I can tell has refused to expound or present any evidence of wrong doing beyond the kids planning to wear a tank top!

Does that school teach the kids that the Boston Tea Party was a horrible crime that should have never happened? How about the civil rights movement? Should women never have burned bras and stayed barefoot and pregnant and silent at home as well?

 I think the kids should have been allowed their protest, with common sense consequences! What do you think? 

  This schools actions are now reason #141 why we choose to homeschool! Thank you Principal Rachelle Holloway for helping me teach my children more about the importance of civil disobedience, the possible corruption of public education, and the importance of speaking out. Our kids can protest our rules without us calling them terrorists and putting that word on their permanent record. (I am sure that will look great to colleges….) 


 In the end, I could always be wrong. Maybe there is more to this story not being told. Until it is though, this looks like all kinds of wrong! 

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  1. Uplifting Families says:

    Wow, I think that is a bit over board. I understand why a dress code is important but why haven’t they considered forcing students to wear school uniforms instead.