Guest Post – 7 Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

    A lot of dads struggle to connect with their daughter. Quite often, this can worsen as time progresses; it is often amplified if Mom is always in the picture. Encouraging daddy-daughter dates once every couple weeks or even once a month will allow them to make memories together. This also gives you the […]

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DIY: Using youtube to cut long hair!

2014-08-26 03.29.38

I am the Mommy to 4 beautiful kids and 2 amazing surrogate daughters. They all astound me time and again. I mention this because I need you to know I would do anything for them. Sometimes what they wish me to do scares the heck out of me! So when my teen insisted I cut […]

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Guest Post: Top Tips for Finding a Talented Interior Designer in the UK

  You want the kind of home that you see in the magazines. They always look so beautiful. At the same time, you’re not a designer. You need help with the minutia. What you need is an interior designer. But, a good one is hard to find – especially in the UK. Here’s how to […]

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Review: Home Grown Books – Beginning Readers

2014-08-02 22.29.34 Home Grown Books are for emergent readers, little ones that are ready to start learning how the magic of words work. This company offers books and parenting resources to make this learning fun and effective. I am glad to have the change to review them with my own little ones and share how our […]

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Review – Bonefish Grill Surprise Box – New Menu

resize_0c34bb3f4c36330d83d08c30fdde7289526fe3394eaea038746e8ab236087204234a3608100100 One of the places my husband and I love most when it comes the few date nights we manage to get is Bone Fish Grill. We both grew up in New England and love fish and the ocean. As we move often being a military family it can be a challenge to find great […]

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Thanks to hypnotist Justin Tranz, IKEA has been able to help couples get a glimpse into their possible future in this very interesting time travel perception experiment! Justin Tranz is the only hypnotist in history to ever legitimately perform on Broadway, at least so far. He has been on stage over 6,000 times and has […]

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Do Crunchy Parents cut coupons?


  I saw this image on facebook and I had to share it. I remember my couponing days and I remember how hard it was even all those years ago to save money on healthy things because so many of the coupons where for processed junk! I had friends who would joke that they wouldn’t […]

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Review – Learning is best when it is play – Matics

Matics-7__34774.1405362526.220.220 This game was created by a mom because her son was struggling with some basic math skills.  She wanted a fun way to help him practice and reinforce what he was learning in school.  That mom is also the founder of Kabuki Helps, which has grown into a community of parents and teachers committed to making […]

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Review – Back to School – Getting organized with Shoplet

2014-08-16 22.21.48 Shoplet was kind enough to send me a few items to review that I am finding very helpful with getting things organized for back to school and not just the school stuff but over all house stuff too! The Office Supplies helped inspire me to come up with a outside project control journal! We […]

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Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy


Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy Image by Stephanie Knowles via Flickr Most young mothers these days are probably not old enough to remember the good old days before the massive expansion of the internet and online shopping. It was not so very long ago that mothers to be either had to rely on someone […]

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