Giveaway – The Forgotten Pharaoh – Egyptian Prize Pack

Julie Gerber isn’t thrilled to be pulled out of school her senior year to follow her parents halfway around the world to unearth a lost pyramid. However, when the cute British guy and the mysterious financier of their project both fight for her attention, things start to get interesting. The pharaoh known as Djedefre was […]

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Giveaway – FROZEN Soundtrack and Poster

  Do you love Frozen too? Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen. The soundtrack features 10 original songs written and composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and twenty-two score pieces composed by Christophe Beck. It features the song “Let It Go” (film version performed by […]

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A Cure for Baby Fever!


     What is Baby Fever? Baby fever is a need that seems to be so primal and so encompassing that people feel sick with want over having a baby.  It is often irrational and hits people who know need down that they don’t want any more babies! (or babies ever for some!)  Sadly it […]

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Guest Post: The Best Branded Sale In Town


  Beauty Encounter is simply your go-to shop when you look for discount cologne and perfume and other products that concern beauty and wellness. For a limited time only, Beauty Encounter features branded sale for bath and body essentials from brands such as Spa Sister, Kneipp, Peter Thomas Roth and more. Check out the best […]

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5 Wearable Items To Make With Fold Over Elastic


  Fold over elastic is an ultra soft band of elastic with a seam sewn down the middle so that it can easily be folded over (hence the name). It comes in a nearly endless supply of colors and a wide variety of widths. It can be used much the same way as bias tape […]

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Sick day for a little one… but sick enough for the Doctor?


    Last night our darling 6 year old daughter, our Storm Baby, told us she had an upset tummy. Peppermint normally calms it down and she drifted off to sleep on an over sized bean bag we have on our room specially for any of our kids that might want to be closer to […]

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Setting up the Fall Square Foot Gardens


      While we have still hit the high 90’s the last few weeks in the temps, this week is low 80’s and beautiful. It is a reminder that Fall is coming. We have been tending our raised square foot gardens and planning for what will come out and what will go in. We […]

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Do you love IKEA too? Don’t miss this!

IKEA_Jeff_Beth_Poster_Frame_02 - Copy

IKEA is back to playing with Time Travel! Why yes, they are a home goods store with furniture and decor we adore, they also it seems are full of imagination! You knew that though right? IKEA LAUNCHED HYPNOTIZING TIME TRAVEL EXPERIMENT #2 Hypnotist Justin Tranz, a rather famous hypnotist put a young couple, Jeff and […]

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Deal: has a One-Click Photo Book! 51% off too!


Create a professional photo book with a single click using’s One-Click Photo Book. Select photos of any size from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or your computer and they will instantly suggest a clean, professional layout that you can further customize. Deal: Use this link for 51% off a 20-page 11.5″x8″ Hardcover Photo Book From […]

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I move a lot so I get asked a lot of questions about moving with kids!


  It is no secret that military families move often and my family has lived in over 12 different houses over the last 16 years. I may be missing one or two in that calculation actually. We have been lucky to spend a few years here and there but over all the years have seen […]

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Review: Keeping things Germ Free with Vital Oxide

81dcfe12cf7862e6171a8540bf84d4d18a163f8d_1  I have been reviewing Vital Oxide 14oz Spray Can these past few weeks and I am impressed. Unlike almost every other kind of germ killer I have tried, this one doesn’t have a scent that makes you want to run screaming or throw open all the windows! It is a disinfectant spray that is […]

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Giveaway — MS Madness – Read the Reviews! $25 Amazon Gift Card

Yvonne deSousa’s diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis came with an insightful declaration from a new doctor (“MS Sucks”) and a brother’s helpful advice (“You could totally get one of those handicapped parking plates now”). What followed was a year of MS-adventures: “accidentally” kicking an officious male doctor in the crotch, becoming an undercover agent […]

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Look What I Found on!

MIN-YV8-HYC-001NCHRISTMAS_A_PD’s brand new holiday card collection just came out! Yes it is September still but unlike the decorations up in stores already, cards are one thing we can actually do early and not feel guilty about because lets face it, for many of us if we don’t get them done early, we don’t get […]

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Do homeschoolers need bedtimes?


   Does your homeschooler need a set bedtime?   Possibly! You see the issue with this question is that no 2 homeschools are the same and I can’t guess at what the needs of your children are or what they are achieving in their day to day lives. Only you know your child best and […]

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Tech for Toddlers?


Collaborative Post ~~~~~~~ As parents we face many worries from the moment those delightful bundles of joy enter our lives. After all parenthood doesn’t come with an instruction manual so deciding what’s best for each individual child is a tough task. Technology for instance is all around us, and is a vital part of education […]

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Wordless Wednesday – 9/10


  Well maybe a few words…..   As the sunsets on another day, I try to soak in it’s beauty. I am glad the heat of the day goes with that sun, and I welcome the cool evening. The feathered pets run about looking for choice yard delicacies and the kids take the time to […]

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Review – NightFood Nutrition Bars


These are wonderful bed time snacks for those like me who snack at night! This can be an aweful habit but one hard to break as it might well be rooted into who we are as Animals. Our body knows it will be resting and it wants to fuel up before doing so, or so […]

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Reveiw: Garcinia Cambogia


.   For the past 10 days I have been reviewing Garcinia Cambogia, the extreme weight loss formula, so I could do this review and because lets face it, with fibro and being over weight I can use what ever help I can get. So many products promise the world and work for a while. […]

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Review and Giveaway – My Art Gallery For Kids

MixIt_StoreIt_slider These art galleries are a fantastic way to display your little ones art work and even the great tests they bring home from school! Each frame can easily be added to, even by children and new art can be slipped in front of past work. Each frame can hold up to 35 pieces of […]

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Back to Cyber Schooling


  It was late, 1am kind of late, and my teenager was still awake. She was clearly excited and nervous and she couldn’t sleep. Her eyes glittered in the dark room and she near bounced up and down telling me about how much she looked forward to the next morning. She was going into highschool, […]

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