Reason #176 why we homeschool – School Playground Brutality – #justice4avalynn




Poor AvaLynn was attacked on her school playground. She went to school that day, a place that should be a safe learning environment, and then was attacked on the slide, a place where adults should have had an eye on her, protecting her, and instead not a single adult heard her screams and almost worse, because they didn’t hear her, no one is being held accountable for this. (when last I read)

This is reason #176 why we homeschool…. because I don’t trust the school system to keep my children safe. For this event and so many others. This does NOT mean that anyone sending their children to school deserve to have this happen. It means I stand behind every parenting wanting justice for their children hurt at school. It means I not brave enough to risk it. How sad it is that parents need to be brave to send their children to public school?

I don’t want my children having to worry about their safety while learning.

This is not acceptable and AvaLynn deserves better!

While the school is saying no other child was involved (because they don’t have an adult who saw it and it is he said/she said) it is clear this little girl didn’t do this to herself. What I find so disturbing is that even after this little girls mother, Lacy, filed a police report, the police are saying there has been no law broken and there is no investigation.

No investigation.

This little girl was brutally attacked but there is no investigation.  (snopes looked at the police report and updated Aug 30th)

If a child would have come to school looking like that and said she had an “accident” on a play ground at a local park the teacher would have called CPS, the police would have been called as well and you better believe there would have been more than one investigation. But because it happened at school there is no investigation?

Why is the school and who should have been watching this child not being held responsible?


In my opinion that school is liable for not having adult supervision of their playground. There is obvious negligence here I think. 

How ever did this to that little girl needs help, mental help before they do worse to someone else!


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