Did you know it is National Cat Day?


  #nationalcatday My family now belongs to not one but two fluffy felines. They of course rule the house in their own ways. One, our very old kitty, often ignores everything and everyone unless she is out of food, wants to go outside, or demands to be worshiped and petted. She was born outside in […]

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Down Syndrome – Spencer’s Journey

Photo Collage Maker_Yj5Xxg

Guest Post brought to you by a dear friend of my sisters. ~~~~~~~ He was just 12 weeks gestation when my Dr told me the Harmony test showed a positive result for Trisomy 21.  I was confused, mad, I thought I had done something wrong.  I had no idea what to expect for the rest […]

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Cute Halloween Crafts with Young Children


Guest Post by my Sister Ashley R. I have been seeing all these awesome fall crafting ideas and I think to myself “that looks so cool I wish my little one was old enough to do these himself”. This fall though I decided to make fall decorations with him, and I must say they turned out […]

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Premium Plus Probiotic Review + Flash Giveaway


Premium Plus Probiotic #premiumplus MightySupp’s Premium Plus Probiotic is designed to provide premium quality ingredients for maximum daily support. The optimum blend of four highly effective bacteria will help keep your digestive system in prime condition. This product says it will: Replenishes good bacteria Helps maintain your immune system Assists with weight loss Reduces bloating […]

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Review and Giveaway – Neato Cell Phone Skins – Ends Nov 6th


www.neato.com Neato Skins is a customizable system for cell phones to help users like me get the design we want and be able to change things up without spending a fortune on different cell phone cases. For $19.95 you get their starter kit, a clear case, 5 skin sheets, a test sheet, instructions, and the […]

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Review – Monthly Learning Box – kidableadventures.com


  kidableadventures.com This company as sweet enough to send us a box to review! We received the Little Thinker Box This monthly subscription box is specially for little thinkers who are entering Prek or Kinder. Perfect for my 4 year old daughter. Of course we can’t ever seem to do anything with just one child, […]

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Free Trial Offer – Powerful Editing Software


    Become a Better Writer Instantly With the World’s Most Powerful Editing Software – FREE Trial Offer. As a respected writer yourself, you know it’s essential to write in a clear, concise and compelling style. Unfortunately, millions of students and business professionals struggle with their writing skills. I hope you’ll consider becoming part of […]

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The Life of a Military Brat


Written by my Daughter Crystal C.      Yes, I am a Military Brat   Just a few days ago, a friend who is also a classmate and I were talking. The words “Military Brat” came up. My friend said “I don’t think it is a good idea to call a military child a “Military Brat”. […]

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Giveaway – Hawaiian Turtle Pendant – Ends 11/4

Prize: ONE Winner will receive a Turtle Pendant from Honolulu Jewelry Company Sponsor: Honolulu Jewelry Company Dates: 10/22/14 – 11/04/14 You can read the review on the turtle pendant <—- here. 18 + only. USA only Entries will be verified Winner will have 48 hours to verify or another winner will be chosen. This blog […]

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Make a difference by fostering a pet! – Part 2


Guest Post – By my sister Ashley R.  See Part 1 of Make a Difference by Fostering a Pet After a few days we started naming our foster babies, the Labra-dane was named Tanner, the shiba inu we named Wiley (he was so mange-y and thin he looked just like a coyote), the 2nd batch […]

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Make a difference by fostering a pet! – Part 1


Guest Post – By my sister – Ashley R.  This time last year my home was filled with the sound of tiny padded feet running across my tile floor. Every morning there were 20 tails wagging and 40 eyes shining when I opened up my door, I was the only difference between life and death, […]

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5 Ways to Show Kids How Much They Are Loved

2014-09-20 17.59.35-2

5 Ways to Show Kids How Much They Are Loved “I love you” are words kids need to hear, but saying them is not enough. You may love your kids with all your heart and you might tell them all the time, but they need to actually feel it. You may think you are doing […]

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Giveaway – Mystery Beauty Box

Life of a Mad Typer had so much fun with the last mystery box that we wanted to do another one! This giveaway will run till the 6th of Nov at 12am cst We will be taking a medium flat rate and stuffing it full of beauty goodies. If you would like to see what […]

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Review – K5 Learning – Homeschooling and School Success


www.k5learning.com K5 Learning is an award winning reading and math program for kids grade K – 5th. StormBaby our 6 year old daughter has been playing with program a bit. Right away she liked the Math as it had bouncing heads go across the screen with a rewarding silly sound. I am not sure why […]

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month


  I honestly wasn’t going to post about this at all. I am one of those people who run from memories that sting because I fall into them, into the sorrow, and I then find it hard to function in the moment. I don’t know if others deal better with memories than I do or […]

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Chore Ideas for Teenagers


When children are young they are often eager to help with things around the house. To them, having more responsibility is fun. Parents often don’t let young kids handle things because they can take care of tasks faster themselves. This is a big mistake. Kids like to feel needed. Dealing with teenagers is a little […]

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Muay Thai training for children at Bestmuaythai


B y: Kit Nelson Muay Thai is one of the best combat sports and is gaining recognition internationally. It has been originated from Thailand and is a very popular event there. It is one of the most famous forms of martial arts practiced all over the world. It is similar to boxing being a ring […]

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Practicing for Sustainable and Living Green – Update

2014-10-15 18.25.03

StormBaby (age 6) in her play dress out taking care of the chickens and so excited about the first Olive Egg! Can we manage sustainable living someday? In our effort to live more green and someday be more sustainable and possibly even give energy back to the grid we have been trying a lot of […]

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Giveaway and Review – Nerd Block Jr for Kids!


nerdblock.com We were sent a  Jr. Girl and Jr. Boy block to review with our little geeklings, StormBaby who is 6 and her brother Mr. Handsome who is 8 years old. As soon as they saw the boxes they were full of excitement. Kids love getting mail! They specially love getting boxes! Each Month for just […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Bat Craft with Kids


Easy Batty Halloween Craft Items Needed:  Toilet paper rolls Googly Eyes Black Pain and Paint brushes Black construction Paper Glue  Scissors  First lay out what ever table coverage you normally use for messy crafts. Make sure the kids have play clothing on or smocks. Give them the black paint and the paint brushes to paint […]

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