Going Green – Composting Chicken Poo


Raising Back Yard Chickens to live more Green! In our efforts to live more eco-friendly and sustainable we dove into raising back yard chickens this year. It has been a great adventure. While our chickens have been giving us beautiful eggs, they have also been giving us a lot of poo! Keeping poo in their […]

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Cooking Class: Easy Ways to Keep Your Copper Cookware Looking Like New

Copper is an excellent heat conductor. Because of this, it’s often used in pots and pans. At the same time, it oxidizes rather easily. You’ve probably noticed this before when your copper clad cookware starts to turn orange or tarnish. Here’s how to protect it and keep your pots and pans looking as shiny as […]

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Review – Soniclear – Pamper Your Skin


  www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com I know for me that gift hunting can be specially hard for certain loved ones and that is one of the reasons I love being a reviewer. I get to try products and if I fall in love with them I can be more sure that others will too! I need to get […]

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Black Friday Success!

I have to say that today was a success for my husband and I. We slept in, didn’t get out to stores till 2pm, and still found many sales in the stores we went to. A few things were long sold out but must of them the retail clerks told me sold out yesterday and […]

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Wild and Unexpected Christmas Party Fiascos


Wanting to host your corporate Christmas party at one of Melbourne Function Venues? Just beware of your party becoming too wild and crazy. While some employees enjoy intermingling with their co-workers at a corporate Christmas party, others only suffer through it with large amounts of alcohol.  With these combinations, watch out for potential fiascos on […]

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Black Friday Deals!


2014 Black Friday Online Deals and More   http://www.kidableadventures.com Little Thinker Box and DoodleBug Busy Bag Monthly Subscriptions Save 30% off the price of your first box or bag of a monthly subscription. Code: BLACK2014       . SilhouetteAmerica.com/blackfriday CODE:  CRUNCHY SALES BEING OFFERED Portrait Bundle –          Portrait machine & 1 free year to Club Silhouette […]

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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Do you tell your loved ones your Thankful for them?


Taking a minute to thank loved ones! Unless your perfect, and who is, chances are you are a gift and some kind of stress on others. This is specially true if you dare have a voice and passion for the world, events, and ideas. I woke up this morning to my feed being such a […]

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The Ultimate Mid-Atlantic Tree Care Guide

The Ultimate Mid-Atlantic Tree Care Guide – An infographic by the team at Growingearth.com I am finding this guide specially helpful with the home we moved into this past spring. It has 2 acres of mostly open land and some rather unfortunate dead tress on it that promised to once have been stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately […]

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Review: Click ‘N Dig F6 – The gift for those who loose things!


Click ‘n Dig Model F6 Key Finder. 6 Receivers. Wireless RF Remote Item, Wallet Locator. Do you lose things too? You put something in a safe place and the next thing you know you can’t find it. I should be famous by now for this. Thankfully the military makes us move often and as we […]

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Thankful Challenge – Day 25 – Easy Fall Crafts with Kids

2014-11-06 14.48

Today I am Thankful for Creative Kids Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.  – Plato Do have special memories of creating […]

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