Stop Trying to Make Your Children Into Little You


   You may give them your love but not your thoughts.  My heart hurt last night reading about a friend who is struggling as a mother with 2 young boys. She talked about how she is not connecting with them, going so far as to call them strangers. She recalled her love of reading at […]

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Stage Your Home for Sale on a Budget


 Getting the Most out of Staging Your Home  Time and again I hear about people who vow by the rules of staging homes. To me they just make sense! Of course I think the order of them is a bit different. I would sanitize and clean first, decluttering goes with this, then bring the home […]

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We are expecting!


  What a surprise! I just turned 35 and our “baby” is now 4.5 and we have 4 children of our own and 2 amazing surrogate daughters too! We had thought our family complete. Oh goodness… what a shock this was! With my health we didn’t even think this was possible. As a friend pointed […]

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Review – JORD – Wonderful Gifts – Wood Watches

cora-36-front-angled JORD has stuningly beautiful watches that combine nature and technology. I feel like they feel like “home” and wonder, specially the cog pieces this the one above. I can picture a watch like this on a character from Doctor Who can’t you? The above wooden watch for men is a great gift for him! […]

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Review – Carved Creations – Beautiful Gifts


  Using old-world craftsmanship and the latest technology along with professional designs Carved Creations is leading the way in Mother Jewelry and more. Their dedication to quality custom pieces has set the world bar in this industry very high and you can tell just by looking around their beautiful and inspiring site.  When you feel […]

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Is 35 old?


  In a world where people are living older and older these days, is 35 old? On my birthday today I found myself contemplating my life and future. I feel old in so many way, mostly because fibromyalgia and other auto immune issues. I don’t know what life is like at this age without the […]

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Optional Insurance in Georgia for Your Auto

There are critical aspects of insurance for your car that you may be overlooking when you purchase a policy. Too often, car owners will simply get quotes on the minimum insurance required and buy the cheapest policy they can find. When something happens to their car, a claim is filed, only to find out too […]

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Is Santa Real? – How do you respond to this?


We learn when we are little that lying is bad and can hurt people and yet certain lies are cultural an we look at them as innocent. They don’t always turn out that way though. In my 15 years of parenting I have come across accounts of children feeling very betrayed over the Santa myth […]

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How the EU is Planning to Cut your Power

Guest Post There was an outcry across the country in September when the EU banned powerful vacuum cleaners with motors over 1,600 watts. It led to a huge rush on vacuum cleaners, with leading stores reporting sales increases of up to 40% for the most powerful models that would soon become illegal. Following the ban […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Angora Bunny Brushing

2014-12-14 14.37.19

          Wordless Wednesdays are posts that tell a story where words are not needed to explain. Of course words are included just if you want to know more! Introducing Gandalf! Bunny Before Brushing Angora Rabbits grow beautiful long fiber fur. About 4 times a year they grow out a new coat, […]

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