Helping Children See the Importance of Shopping Local

 Be the Change You Want To See In the World!

One of the things my family is doing on our greener living path is to work on sustainability, hobby farming with chickens and gardens. We are trying to learn all we can and develop experience for the years to come when my husband retires from the military in a few years and we settle in some place to live the green lives of our dreams. Baby steps though, and for us that is chickens and gardens with the kids. What we have quickly learned is that community is vital on this path and shopping from others who grow their own food and raise their own animals is important!

 Join the Community!

One of the ways we help the children to understand the importance of shopping local is by selling local! We bring some of our chickens and eggs now to local community chicken swaps where people come with different kinds of animals and the things they farm and craft! To help see needs and fill them the kids came up with an idea to sell Coffee and Hot Choco and Cookies today as it was going to be very cold and there was no such table at the last swap. A few people were very thankful for this service! I am not sure the kids will try it again or something different next time but we support them!

Here are some photos from the swap today:


It would be a better world if people grew food, not lawns!

We know that industrial mono crop farms that fill our grocery stores with food are also filling our planet with pollution and ruining soil. Most people are very disconnected from their food and don’t know where it comes from or what makes it actually good. We are trying hard to fix this in our own family and there is so much to learn, community makes that easier!

  Do your children understand the importance of shopping local? 

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