#2015in2015 Organizing and Purging for January


 Decluttering 2015 items in 2015 So I have been late in jumping into this because I am pregnant (9 weeks) and on bed rest and have no energy. I did my side table the other day though and it was 35 items. Husband was working in the garage and got rid of 105 items! It […]

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Two Ways To Optimize Your Child’s Life In 2015

As 2015 picks up, more and more parents are interested in ensuring that their children develop a positive outlook on life as well as the interpersonal skills necessary to become successful in social settings. If you’re serious about helping your child attain or maintain a high level of well-being while also ensuring that she or […]

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Free Range Kids – Homeschoolers up all night!

Homeschooling Night Owls It is 1am and my darling oldest daughter who is 15 and homeschooled is up talking to the boy friend on her cell phone. She is happy and loud and so I only felt a little guilty asking her to make grilled cheese for me. I am on bed rest and have […]

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Are you waiting on things till the kids are grown too?

What is waiting on the kids? So often I hear myself and others talking about the things they will get or replace or things they will do once the kids are grown. “Soon as little bobby is older we are going to get a boat!” I recall a woman saying. Another friend was busy planning […]

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The Mindful Revolution changing schools!

Nova Southeastern University Online Master’s in Teaching & Learning One of the things we as a society expect schools to do is help children learn how to live in the world and thrive. Schools in the USA where made to create a malleable workforce. Back in the days where factory jobs were the most common […]

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I thought I was having a miscarriage and I didn’t want to chat!


I thought I lost the baby There was bright blood and cramping that made my heart hurt. I thought we lost the baby. It was New Years Eve and I was in bed trying not to sob, trying not to ruin everyone’s night. The announcement I kept telling myself had been too soon. I am […]

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Fantastic Gifts for Chicken Lovers


One of the fun parts of the holiday this year was seeing all the fun gifts my fellow back yard chicken keepers received! There were so many chicken, chick, and egg theme gifts that I had never expected! Having chickens as pets is so much fun and it goes far beyond just getting healthy and […]

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Guest Post: Automotive Museums Throughout Nevada


While Nevada may be best known mainly for Las Vegas, there is so much more for tourists to see and experience in this state. In fact, Nevada is home to three hugely popular automotive museums. Each of these delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that individuals won’t be able to get enough of. Check out these three […]

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2015 Challenge – Be free of 2015 things!

2015 in 2015 Challenge button

Living with Less in 2015 I love new years challenges and I tend to succeed at them as often as I fail so it is always very interesting to me to see what way it will all go. I can’t tell you how I heard about this challenge, just that someone added me to a […]

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