Free Range Kids – Homeschoolers up all night!

Homeschooling Night Owls

It is 1am and my darling oldest daughter who is 15 and homeschooled is up talking to the boy friend on her cell phone. She is happy and loud and so I only felt a little guilty asking her to make grilled cheese for me. I am on bed rest and have no energy to do much of anything and can’t think clearly to save my life. I am starving, pregnancy making me crave all kinds of things. Darling daughter was happy to help and went off to make herself one too and the make one for the youngest as well because truth be told, we are horrible night owls!

  Homeschooling Bubble

One of the sad and more often than not completely wrong stereo types of homeschoolers is that they are not social and live in a bubble. Sometimes though it is right! Over an hour later my night owl was still giggling on the phone with her boyfriend. The poor boy is in public school…. she needs to tell him to go to bed! My kids are rather free range, but that comes with a price. She doesn’t have a live class tomorrow, just lessons she has to get done. Lucky her! Her boyfriend though has to be in a chair come too early oclock. I don’t want to put restrictions on them talking so late but I will if they don’t self correct quick! I think homeschooling sometimes has my daughter in a bubble forgetting that not everyone is in the same situation as she is. She has never been in a school desk come 7am having to fully function. Forget that it isn’t scientifically sound to force teens to do that so early, it has to be specially hard when one is up all night talking on the phone!

After explaining this to my daughter it seemed to sink in. I offered to get her up that morning as early as her boyfriend will be getting up and then we could go over some federal testing practice that she doesn’t love. She declined my offer of course and I couldn’t blame her.

Maybe it isn’t that she is homeschooled that had her in my opinion being rude about being on the phone so late with someone who has to be up early. Maybe it is love? The boy of course should be thinking logically and should have told her he had to go to bed, but he didn’t. Still, I don’t want my children contributing to making things harder on others. They have all these freedoms but not everyone else does and they need to be mindful!

  My kids are amazing

They are not amazing because they are homeschooled. They are themselves and they get all the credit for that. Each is so different with their own passions and dreams. Some are more social than others. I must not leave out my surrogate daughters who are fantastic, go to public school, and are so much like their siblings and yet all so different.

If there is one thing I want to help them see, it is that they should reach for what they want in life, but not on the backs of others. No one should suffer so they can have what they want. We must take others into consideration. It is perfect when getting what we dream about also helps others!

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