How to Get Rid of Toothaches Before Visiting a Dentist

There’s nothing that can ruin a day quite like a toothache. While there are a number of reasons for tooth pain, many toothaches can be soothed or even cured with easy-to-follow at-home remedies. 1. Clove Oil This isn’t a new remedy for tooth pain, but it might be new to you if you’re not used […]

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The Evil Blue and Black and White and Gold Dress


NO, I am not going to post a picture of it, because frankly no matter what color we see, #1 it is an ugly dress and #2 it has been less than 12 hours of seeing it online and I am sick of it. I am betting I am not the only one. Like everyone […]

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Daysy Fertility Monitor – To help conceive or not!


First let me say that this review will not be all I want it to be because I wasn’t able to fully use daysy. This is not the products fault however. You see when I jumped on the chance to review this chemical free birth control option I wasn’t aware that I was in fact […]

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Review: Glasstic Glass Water Bottle

0f72b112b14bdcd32bfd4c0351ec5af02726c302 I was glad to have been given this water bottle for review because it is eco-friendly and has a leak proof lid. It is also shatterproof! I used this cup for weeks and adored it. The heart pattern made me smile every time I used it. It was easy to take apart and […]

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Guest Post – 5 Tips for Buying the Right Toolbox

It doesn’t matter if you’re a certified contractor or just a handyman around the house: Everyone needs a good toolbox. But which features should be forefront in your mind when you’re shopping for a new one? Here are just five ideas. 1. Think About Size This won’t be an issue if you’re just looking for […]

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Review – Picture Keeper – A Must Have!


If you don’t already have a sure fire backup of your beloved family photos then Picture Keeper is a must have. It is a technology for everyone, even those who are not tech savvy to start with. It is that easy to use and can save you a great deal of heartache in the future. […]

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Homeschooling and the Common Core

The following article was written and sent in by Anna Hicks. Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly attractive option for eco-friendly families. While not the course of academic action in my household, homeschooling can greatly reduce automobile dependence and consumption of paper-based and plastic supplies. But it’s not without its challenges. Being the custodian of your […]

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Military Issues – Deployment Pets


 Life can be hard for Furry Military Family Members! While it is true all military life is hard, it can specially be true of pets. Too many end up in shelters for so many sad reasons. This isn’t because military families are heartless, often it is the last thing they want to do but one […]

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How to Positively Parent and Help Your Child with Drug Abuse


The following article was written and sent in by Anna Hicks. Every parent’s fear is finding out their teenager is abusing drugs. It can cause several negative emotions and thoughts to flood your mind all at once. You may feel like you failed your child. You may be angry with the child for falling into […]

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