Tips on how to deal with termites in your home

There’s no doubt about it, termites are the single most destructive pest you could have the misfortune of coming into contact with. A termite colony can potentially threaten the entire foundation of your home; even worse is the fact that where there is one colony there can be others. The best way of protecting your […]

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Review and Amazon Code – Advanced Probiotic Supplement


  Advanced Probiotic by Number One Nutrition is the newest probiotic supplement I have been taking. The reasons I take them are many. For me I believe it helps with my digestion. I have a very sensitive stomach and probiotics are said to make enzymes that help break down food and absorb nutrients. As my […]

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The Start To This Years Garden With Kids


  2015 Gardening with the Kids It is a beautiful and very wet April here in Georgia and we feeling a bit behind when it comes to gardening. One of the things that took us a while was finding the right spot to put in the new garden. Last year we did a few raised […]

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Five tips for buying a new watch

The style of watch that will suit you will depend on your wardrobe, your signature style and even, what you do for a living. There are plenty of things to consider before you invest in a timepiece, whether it’s a hard wearing, sporty style, a classic design or a more modern stainless steel variety you are […]

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Depend – Underwareness For A Cause and Free Sample


Do you leak? Get Depend. Why yes, these can be a pregnant moms best friend!   If you asked me if I leak I would have to tell you honestly that it does happen. It has happened I think in part because I have had 6 children and soon to be 7! Did you know more people […]

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Recipe: Green Tea Frap made with Matcha Green Tea Powder


Organic Matcha makes for some beautiful and yummy green tea treats at home! I love green tea fraps from Starbucks but alas, going out to get them when I want them isn’t the best green option. Today is Earth Day so I thought why not share some green yummy goodness online! I use Vernal Organic […]

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I am NOT giving birth around your golf game!


Doctors never make selfish choices…. right? Today much to my horror I got the chance to read the thoughts of a Mom who is proudly attacking other mothers who choose to fight for a vaginal birth after c-section. She basically said she will trust someone with more degrees than she has and never question their […]

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How to Teach Kids about Eco-Friendly Living

How to Teach Kids about Eco Friendly Living

As a parent, many people have a long list of things they want to teach their children. Everything from common sense knowledge to traditional family values is of the upmost importance to any parent, but it can be difficult for them to find a way to accurately convey these messages to their kids. One topic […]

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Why you should welcome a snake in your yard!


Snakes are so important to our environment and yet so few people understand why! Being part of the hobby farmer, micro farming, and chicken keeper community I often see photos of dead snakes shared. So many believe that the only good snake is a dead one. So many people are not educated on what an […]

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Announcing of baby is a boy or a girl!


  How should one announce if baby is a boy or a girl? There is a rather new trend that I love, Gender reveal parties! Life is short and I really believe we should take what ever good reasons we can to celebrate and share our joy together. As I still haven’t really found a […]

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