One of the many “best things” I love doing with the kids!

Art can be hard for some homeschool families when Mom doesn’t have any talent in it. Thankfully these days YouTube is a great teacher! My teen goes to an online private school and one of her electives is Art. The teacher uses a great text book but some things books can not teach as effectively as seeing movement. Like most kids, our oldest loves doing things with others and for art to help her catch up I try to do some of the lessons with her. Sometimes Dad helps too because he honestly has more talent than I do!

I adore making a mess with my kids when it comes to art and creative projects! This isn’t really a homeschool post because all parents can do art with their children from when they are little to when they are grown. I see all these wonderful painting classes all over the place and they are perfect for bonding, be it over chocolate or wine!


Painting with my Daughter is so much fun!


One of her projects was to paint the human form. I had my own ideas and as I wasn’t the one getting graded I just went with trying to copy the outlines of what I think my husband and one of our other daughters look like together. Goodness knows when our StormBaby is in the rain she jumps in every puddle she can find and while she loves her umbrella she never keeps it over anyones head!


This master piece of color and texture is a self portrait our oldest did of herself and one of our chickens. She never thought she would end up being a farm girl but I think she has rather embraced it! She got an A+ on this from her Art Teacher.


 Husband sat down with us that night and embraced the project, his humanoid form I find rather scary though actually! LOL I love what be made, it just can’t stay in the bedroom or I might get nightmares about Aliens and such.

Parenting can be challenging but taking time to bond, make a bit of a mess, and explore together makes it all worth it! 

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