Kids: It is ok to play with Frogs!



Myth: Touching a frog will give you warts.

Herpetology experts would love people to know that you can’t get warts from touching the skin of a frog! This myth is being used more and more to keep kids from being kids and doing what they do, which is touch everything! I think it is important to let kids who love nature to touch and fall in love with frogs!

There are so many frogs here to enjoy in Georgia and when my surrogate family was visiting I was pleased to learn that Emma, the oldest loves frogs too, and she is brave in holding them. Emma has such a loving nature I am not shocked, she cares about so much and it shows in everything she does, from her beautiful voice to how beloved she is by family.


Don’t kiss the frogs!

Logic tells us it will never turn into a prince and while it is safe to touch frogs, there are frogs who have poisonous skin, and taste really bad. It is part of their defense mechanisms. So be sure after touching a frog to wash your hands well! The fat green frog above was in between our doors the other night while we went out to let the kids swim in the pool. We love summer and swimming and night time doesn’t stop us. It doesn’t stop the frogs either!

There were no less than 6 frogs around the pool. One was on the kids paddle board even. This little brown frog above was extra loud! mating_green_frogs_in_Love

These two tree frogs were mating and having a great time. The older kids gathered the frogs up and put them in the tree. I was glad the pool didn’t have much chemicals in it and looked great. That night though we had to shock the water and made sure to cover the pool to keep the frogs protected from the chemicals in the water. It is our pool after all and while I love the frogs, they actually do have their own water source not too far from our pool and it is much better for them.

Frogs are a great indication of the health of an ego system. I know we must have a healthy system going on around our area with how many frogs we see! Wishing you some happy frog encounters!

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