Breastfeeding Struggles With Our Near Term Baby

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Rory was born at 35 weeks and 1 Day. She was a wonderful 7lbs and 15oz, 20 inches long. This is large for the gestational age but the dates are correct and her weight it the result of my diabetes even though it was well controlled for 90% of the pregnancy. This was the start […]

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Will your water break and what do you do if it does? – Pregnancy – Birth –


This is common concern for many pregnant women who are getting close to term. We worry about our water breaking while at work or while shopping or at the worst times like in the middle of a wedding. The fact is that we can’t know for sure when it will happen but only about 15% […]

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11 Carpet Care Rules For Easy Maintenance


  By Jason Roberts   When it comes to floors, there is nothing as good as having a clean new carpet. The bad news is, everything wears out and carpets aren’t an exception. The good news is that with proper care, you can maintain the new look for an extended period. What you need to […]

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GIVEAWAY – DormCo Twin XL Mattress Topper – Ends 8/7

DormCo Twin XL Mattress Topper When looking for a mattress it is important to consider the quality! DormCo offers a fantastic nights sleep! Twin XL Gel Memory Foam Topper This foam topper from DormCo is a great way to add padding to any bed. It fits on great for a Twin or Twin XL (typical […]

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GIVEAWAY – Tweedz Braided Earbuds end 8/7

Tweedz Braided Earbuds Earbuds can make life easier and a quality pair can be near priceless when it comes to escaping to your place of bliss! These come with different size ear pieces so you can get the right fit. The braided cords make the earbuds not twist, tangle or get unraveled as quickly as […]

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Giveaway – Gerber Cloth Diapers – Ends 8/1


Gerber Has New Cloth Diapers! Just a few weeks ago Gerber announced the launch of a very exciting product; Their new all in one (AIO) cloth diaper. As a cloth diapering advocate and parent, this is really exciting news. Already carried by major retailers including Target and Amazon, this product is likely to reach consumers […]

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Back To School Tax Free List


Back To School Tax Free Weekends are beloved by many and knowing just when the dates are for your State is important. I keep coming across lists that say they are up to date for 2015 but they aren’t. I wanted to make sure I got this information out to friends and readers in time […]

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Simple Ways To Make A Summer Back Yard You Love!


 Make your Back Yard Work For You! Garden! Adding or improving a back yard garden is one the best ways you to make a back yard you actually love and want to be in. Many people have either not been taught the art of gardening or simply think it is beyond their skills. Put the […]

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Is it Braxton Hicks or Labor? One tip to help you figure it out!


 How do I know when I am in real labor? In a due date group of over 800 expecting women this is a question we see over and over again even from experienced Moms. It is natural to worry about the coming of a new little one specially before full term. With fewer and fewer […]

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Review: Velvety-Soft Crib Mattress Cover


Waterpoof Crib Mattress  We recently were given a crib mattress and it already had a crib mattress on it. The mattress protector felt and sounded like plastic and the fabric on it was very pilly. It had done it jobs well but I was excited to get a new one on it. I love this […]

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