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Big Push Birth & Baby Kit

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a brand I have loved for years. Knowing I was expecting again I knew I wanted to gather many of their products to help support my pregnancy and specially for after birth. This company understands the importance of using safe products and I know they put a lot of research into selling just the best because I have asked them many questions over the years and have nothing but the best of experiences with them. I was so happy to see their Big Push Birth & Baby Kit that had so many of the products I need all together! This is specially perfect for new moms or moms who are not really sure just what they might want after the baby is born but they know they want to have something on hand to help them figure it all out!


For the Pushing Mama:

  • New Mama Bottom Spray  4 fl. oz. – I sadly didn’t remember to take my kit to the hospital with me and I realized my mistake on the very first day. The hospital did not provide any bottom spray of any kind though I remembered past hospitals doing so. I was so happy to get home and have this spray. While I didn’t need any stitches I still had pain and rawness and this spray brought so much relief to the whole area.
  • Mama Bottom Balm  2 fl. oz. – I wasn’t sure I was ever going to need this but I am so glad it came in this kit because I ended up badly needing this Mama Bottom Balm. I ended up with a bad hemorrhoid. I actually saw a surgeon for it while still in the hospital but after talking to him about the pros and cons of getting it lanced and learning the recovery would be much the same I choose to treat it at home. This bottom balm did more for me than all the creams that the hospital gave me. It does start with just a bit of a sting but that is gone in seconds.
  • Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  1 box
  • Natural Nipple Butter  1 fl. oz. – This was one of the products I considered a must have before I had this baby and now I remember why. I only use it every few days because it helps so much with the pain of a newborn learning to nurse and it protects my nipples from damage. I love it! A little goes a long way too.


I had to giggle a bit when another Mom in my due date group of 800 women posted about her favorite after baby product and then a bunch of us posted we love the same company! You can see the Earth Baby product on my computer screen in the background and my favorite in the photo too!

  • Postpartum Bath Herbs  1 box – I was so sad when a nurse in the hospital told me I couldn’t have a bath. This didn’t make sense to me as I had midwives before that encouraged warm baths for bottom relief after birth. I did some research to make sure I knew what I thought I did and choose to take a bath with these bath Herbs. I just filled the clean tub with a little warm water and let the water run over the very large tea bag. It colored the water a bit and the scent was great. I admit, I relaxed and played with my bath tea bag a bit and thoroughly enjoyed the “me” time! I do think this helped with my quick bottom recovery.
  • Organic Cotton Tote – This tote is great for keeping your items together. I think it would be perfect for putting into your hospital bag too. I wish I had remembered to do so but honestly with baby coming 5 weeks early I wasn’t as ready as I should have been! It is beautiful bag I will keep long after I am over this special time.

For Baby:

  • Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo  50 ml. – This comes in the vanilla orange scent and is so lovely. I can tell when I use it and when I don’t because it keeps babies skin so soft and it smells so nice. I love the pump top to make the bubble foam. Rory loves baths!
  • Angel Baby Oil  1 fl. oz.
  • Angel Baby Lotion  2 fl. oz. – From time to time baby gets a few dry spots. I wish I knew why. I have been using this lotion every now and then on her little dry patches and it helps for days. She is a month old now and this is one of my favorite lotions for her when she needs it.


She is adorable and has beautiful skin with help from Angel Baby Lotion.

  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm  1 fl. oz. – It turns out my little one has an issue with dairy, that means I have an issue with dairy. This bottom balm for her I think helped her with the pain, she didn’t mind it going on at all and didn’t get upset after either. Thankfully after a diet change her bottom is great. This little jar now lives in our baby bag for the day when we will need it again!


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Winner can choose the Push Kit or the C-section Kit!


Giveaway Ends 9/1

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  1. Bianca Munoz says:

    Lucy is 14 months and Emilio is 4 years old. We are currently TTC 🙂 I love pregnancy and being a mother. This pack would be amazing <3 Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Katherine says:

    I am proud to say I had an all natural birth and my baby is now one

  3. Jennifer FP says:

    Oh wow! What a great opportunity for a 1st time mom to try everything out!

  4. expecting my second in January and this would be perfect!!!

  5. My youngest has very sensitive skin and eczema. EMAB is our favorite to use on her skin. Would love to gift this to an expectant mommy friend.

  6. Katie Smith says:

    My babygirl is 5 months old and i had a veryyy longh and hard labour. well worth it though!