The Kids made a handprint table just their size!




Kids out number adults here and the house reflects that!

We have 5 children and when we are very lucky we have our 2 surrogate children here too making 7 children. Those are the best days of course. As we are very outnumbered by children I don’t think it is any wonder why the house reflects that. We don’t have fancy furniture as I would feel the need to protect it and I want kids to focus on learning and playing not being worried about the furniture when young. Don’t get me wrong, some day I want a house full of beautiful furniture but that is not a priority for us these days. Our home is the home of many happy children and it has to arranged to suit them. One of the things they requested was a low table for the little kids. My husband built it with some spare wood and the kids got busy making it their own, all 7 of them!

Kids Handprint Table

We even managed to get a few foot prints from the baby on it!

It is very adorable!
Kids Handprint Table 3

The kids had a great time making this beautiful mess and it is their own. Our home isn’t one where kids have to accommodate adults but rather the adults have to indulge the needs of the kids. They are only so little for so long!

Kids Handprint Table 2

It is a very sturdy little play table and I know a lot of learning and playing will be done on it. I can’t help but smile when I look at it knowing how much the kids love it. This is my life, fully of kids and messy and I some how in it is all it is very beautiful if you know how to look at it without filling it with too many adult expectations! Life is short, play often!

Kids Handprint Table 4

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