Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me Art Project


We found a fantastic and fun art project to go along with an adorable book and just had to try it ourselves! Supplies Needed:  Paint Paint Brushes Sparkle Paper Star Paper Punch Scissors Paper Popsicle Sticks Glue Camera Photo Paper and Printer Storm Baby is now 8 years old! Directions: Have children paint a night […]

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Don’t Forget To Gift The Groomsmen!


  It can be so incredibly hard to shop for men because they hardly ever need anything; they always want the newest game or gaming system. When special occasions come up, it is a great idea to snag that new gaming system for them and surprise them with it. However, shopping for your groomsmen’s gifts […]

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Wonderful Holiday Gift – Tech Trep Academy – Dare to Create.


Every child wants to learn. They may not want to sit at a table and memorize times tables, but they do want to learn. The insatiable curiosity of putting everything in their mouth as a baby to asking “what’s that?” on repeat when they’re four, children are driven to create and discover. As parents, we […]

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Is Your Home Ready For The Winter Weather?

winter house

    Well, it is officially cold weather season! Are you ready for it? More importantly, is your home ready for it? There are many things you need to consider when getting your home ready for the winter weather. Remember when I talked about indoor air pollution? You may recall that I mentioned it could […]

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Desperately clinging to every moment with Dad – Pancreatic Cancer

Dad and Family zoomed

As family and friends and so many readers already know, my father was told he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I strongly believe my fathers doctor missed this cancer months ago but that is a post for another day. The fact is, it is through out his body and my Dad went from 200lbs to […]

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Giveaway – ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate Cell Phone

Alcatel Onetouch Giveaway holiday gift guode 20515

Welcome to one of the giveaways in our Holiday Gift Guide! This ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate is a $99 phone from that comes without a contract and a plan to meet your needs! Their $60 Unlimited plan is fantastic! This would make a wonderful gift! Holiday Shopping time is here and what a better way to show […]

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How to Go Green At Home


The earth needs people to be a little greener. And, in the good ol‘ North America, it’s especially necessary, considering 41 percent of energy is consumed in residential and commercial buildings. You can change that by making a difference in your home. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to transform your home into an eco-friendly palace. […]

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5 Helpful Tips to Help Little Ones Deal With Fevers

Advil Children's Fever Reducer

   This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FightFever #CollectiveBias   1. Electrolyte Freezer Pops While many parents know not to give kids soda as it is empty calories at best and poses other health risks at it’s worst most parents don’t know that fruit juices are […]

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Review – IDO 3D – Fantastic Kids Holiday Gift

IDo 3D 1

       If you are looking for a holiday gift for that hard to shop for tween or teen or one that seemingly has everything then this is a great gift to get them, specially if they are creative or if they need to spend more time being creative. Trying to get a teen […]

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Holiday Gift Guide – 2015

Frozen Humidity

Tis the season to count our blessings and spend wonderful fun times with family making memories. It is also the gift giving season for many of us and finding the perfect gifts can be a bit stressful. Let bloggers help by showing you the best, most fun, or most useful gifts out there! Read the […]

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How You Can Contribute To The Green Revolution


What is green technology and why we should start using it? Green energy is an alternative to our traditional energy sources. Currently, we are relying on coal and oil. These non-renewal resources are impacting the environment in a negative way. In particular, they are a source of greenhouse gases. As the world consumes more energy, […]

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Whirlpool makes Crème brûlée and helps Habitat for Humanity


Whirlpool makes life yummy for my family but they do so much for people too. Let me tell you about what Whirlpool has been doing with Habitat for Humanity and then I will share about our fantastic Crème brûlée. For more than a decade Whirlpool has donated appliances to families with Habitat for Humanity. They have […]

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Should You Get An Air Purifier?


The short answer in my opinion is yes and here are the reasons why I have air purifiers in my own home to help protect my family from indoor air pollution. The dangers of indoor air pollution are bigger than I had ever known till a few years ago. I had once read that Homemakers […]

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Life with our 15 week old + 4 More! Keep Calm And….

15 Weeks Breastfeeding

      I have to be honest, she is our 5th and the most discontent baby. She cries so so much and we don’t just let her cry it out. It takes everything we have to help her and keep our sanity. How much longer can this go on? She will be a generally […]

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Review: Post-natal Recovery and Support Belly Band

c7c62575935e38bb0daae440e1fa4ace81577b8e (1)

    This past July I had a beautiful baby girl 5 weeks before her due date. I was caught off guard and hadn’t gotten the recovery support belt I had intended to have. I started to use this one later than I intended but I do think this has helped get things back to […]

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4 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Get A New Mattress

  Having the right mattress is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. We all know what it feels like not to get a good night’s sleep, but so few of us experience the deep and refreshing experience of sleeping well. A supportive, clean and functional mattress is an important factor in getting a […]

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Update on my Dad and his pancreatic cancer.


Today was day 1 of his second round of Chemo. It is certainly hard on his body, he feel asleep on his lunch tray with my mom during treatment. I can picture them snoring together. It is hard on the heart that I am not there right now. We planned to be there but we […]

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Dangers of Winter Indoor Air Pollution And How To Fight It!


    In the colder months we all know that we keep the doors and windows closed more often than in the warmer months and this can cause a build up of indoor air pollution that just circulates in your home and in your body and this can cause more issues than just allergies. As […]

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Breastfeeding Support Where I Least Expected

many kids Halloween 2015

My Halloween Treat! As our plans to travel fell through thanks to the sniffles (can’t see someone on Chemo with any illness at all) we spent Halloween local with some friends who also have a large and beautiful family. We went to their nice neighborhood in Grovetown GA and goodness does that neighborhood put on […]

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Review – Mamaway Ring Sling

mamway ring sling

  We Love Baby Wearing – Wearing 3 month old.  I have to admit I love ring slings! My first every adventure in babywearing was 10 years ago with my son and we got his ring sling at a mall. It took a while to learn to master it but when we did we loved […]

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