Breastfeeding Support Where I Least Expected

My Halloween Treat!

As our plans to travel fell through thanks to the sniffles (can’t see someone on Chemo with any illness at all) we spent Halloween local with some friends who also have a large and beautiful family. We went to their nice neighborhood in Grovetown GA and goodness does that neighborhood put on a good show. So many driveways had displays and setups and so many neighbors where at the end of the driveway giving out candy with fun Halloween decorations. The kids had a wonderful time!

many kids Halloween 2015

Our little Rory though struggled as she does many nights and calming her was a challenge.

baby lion halloween 2015

Can you see the unease in her eyes too?

I was walking last night while breastfeeding my 3 month old and following our other kids trick or treating. I was trying hard not to flash anyone but I had forgotten a thin blanket and honestly hadn’t expected to be needing to nurse her then but she was so upset otherwise. A friend and her husband were so supportive and then another lady came over and hugged my shoulders from the back and told me Moms have to feed babies when they need it and not to worry. It was fantastic. I almost cried right then and there over the great support! You really have to be around Rory these days to understand how difficult it can be to make her happy and she simply just always wants to nurse. I learned I can nurse her and walk!

I posted about this on my facebook wall and I got to many messages of support as well. It did my heart good. Breastfeeding is still such a challenge for us but it helps to know I am not an outcast for talking about it and daring to do it in public.

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