Life with our 15 week old + 4 More! Keep Calm And….




I have to be honest, she is our 5th and the most discontent baby. She cries so so much and we don’t just let her cry it out. It takes everything we have to help her and keep our sanity. How much longer can this go on? She will be a generally happy baby someday right?

15 Weeks Breastfeeding

This message and photo are what I have more recently shared on my social media. It is in fact and cry for help and hope. She cried more than any of our other babies ever have combined together and possible even tripled. She is both breastfed and bottle fed and growing very well. As she was 5 weeks early on an adjusted growth chart she is in the 99th percentile for weight being over 15lbs now at 15 weeks. She wakes every few hours at night to eat and most times just nursing makes her content and she will sleep, sometimes she has to be walked outside in the cold dark to be calmed, sometimes this can take more than an hour. Her most fussy time of day is evenings from about 6pm – about 11pm and if it was up to her she would nurse this whole time. As a work at home mom plus 4 other kids this just isn’t possible. Please don’t think I don’t adore her, I really do, I just wish she was a happy baby who didn’t contantly feel the need to comfort nurse. Her screams….. are unlike we have heard before. They sound like she is being murdered some how. We have had others here her cries, see how consolable she is unless nursing, and they worry too.  Why…. why is so so discontent? We strive to very quickly meet all her needs, we never let her cry it out, though honestly we can’t sit on the side of the road and nurse forever so sometimes we have to drive while she cries and it is a horrible experience for us all.

We have bought and tried near ever paci on the market, she hates them all.

She doesn’t seem to have reflux, or be allergic to her formula.

No infections at her doctor appointments and no fevers.

One thing always works to calm her, nursing.

Breastfeeding is a Wonderful Blessing I know!

How long though will this go on?


Having Lots Of Kids Messy

(Photo not of my house but you get the idea)

I can’t say my house will be winning any Mother of the Year awards, and lets not even talk about getting a bit behind in our Homeschooling plans.

If you have any tips I am open to them!

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