Day 2 Advent Calendar Book – The Little Snowplow


Day 3 of our 24 nights of advent books and the bedtime elf brought us a big beautiful picture book!

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24 Advent Calendar Books

The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler (Author), Jake Parker (Illustrator)

Book 3

Our little bed time Elf still doesn’t have a name!

Book 3_1

Down here in this part of Georgia snow is extremely rare. Coming from New England I grew up with a great deal of snow and love it and miss it dearly. I love sharing books about snow with my children. This book is a cute story with a lot of snow and spirit.

Book 3_2

While there are many huge trucks in the city that do a lot of work all year long that doesn’t mean a little snow plow isn’t important.

This page is our 5 year olds favorite page. It shows the little snow plow exercising to make sure it is strong and everything is in working order.

Book 3_3

Our 8 year old loves the page where the little snow plow is helping out in spring by clearing the streams. It is a bright and fun image.

Book 3_4

Finally the little snowplow gets a change to go out and help in the white fluffy stuff. This is our 10 year old sons favorite page. Working hard for a special time and it finally getting to be that time is something he connects with.

This book is a great story to read with a child, the words are not difficult so children can just dive into the book even if they are not advanced readers yet. If you would like to get this book you can find it in many book stores and of course you can fine it The Little Snowplow on Amazon.

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