Day 4 Advent Calendar Book – Too Many Toys

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas!

24 Advent Calendar Books

Book 5_5

It was Smilie Baby’s turn to open the gift book from the Bed Time Elf! She so adores books.

Too Many Toys! Hardcover by Heidi Deedman


Book 5_1

This book finds us on a cold winter night enjoying the twinkling lights of the Christmas Tree and counting our blessings. This thoughtful sweet book I think is perfect for most kids who have a room full of toys and they know they don’t play with them all anymore. It is specially perfect during the giving season!

Book 5_3

The story is about a little girl who has a special stuffed animal teddy bear named Jupiter. (We love this name!) She also has many toys that she gets for different occasions just like most kids. This is a very relatable book!

Book 5_4
Our sons favorite page was the one with many gifts under the tree and the little bear being concerned. He could understand why the little bear might be worried! I loved how he could so easily see the issue.

Book 5_2

Smilie Baby loved the last page when there where new toy again. She loves gifts and wrapping paper and she thought it starting all over again was very funny. The kids all together now want to have a giveaway party for toys. I hope they choose to go through their toys soon! Our oldest daughter who is 16 was reminding me of the Gnome that would visit us for a few years way back when she was little. It would take things we no longer payed attention to and bring us other things we needed or it thought we would like. I had forgotten about the Gnome honestly. I think she wants to bring him back and I love that idea. After the holidays though, we are busy with the Elves now! Childhood magic is so special.

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