Day 5 Advent Calendar Book – SNOW

Each evening of December the children get a new book to unwrap from the Bedtime Elf all the way up until Christmas!

24 Advent Calendar Books

The Bed Time Elf brought another book for the kids! We are finding this a great distraction from lifes hardships and a very sweet special time as a family. I am so thankful for the health of my children and for us being together. May the light of the holidays shine brightly on you and yours too.

Snow Book 1

Snow Hardcover by Sam Usher

Snow Book 2

Growing up in New England and spending time in Canada each summer I have grown to love the cold and the snow. When I saw this book I knew I had to share it with my children. It is a new one out just this past October so chances are you children haven’t read it yet either!

Snow Book 3

Like all our nights of reading I asking our 5 year old what page she liked the most and to my shock she likes the inside front cover, just blue with some snow balls. Who can blame her. I guess it is just not often there is actually anything on those pages it caught her interest.

Snow Book 4

The story is about a little boy who sees that it has snowed and is very excited to go outside. He thinks he will miss the fun. He tries to rush his Grandpa to get out there with him and take him to the park. The boy sees many kids going past and making tracks in the snow. Like the little boy our 8 year old daughter whom I call Storm Baby on this blog also liked the pure white snow before it had tracks from others in it.

Snow Book 5

While waiting for Grandpa the boy losses his patience and says there are animals going to the park before he is getting to, the Grandpa jokes that the whole zoo will be there before them. Sure enough the book gets silly and there are all kinds of things at the park to play with when they finally get there. Our son loved this page the best because it is silly and has all the animals.

This delightful book is sure to make your little ones smile and we highly recommend it, specially for those like us in the south not likely to see snow this winter!


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