Portable Device Trends: Will Crossover Lead to Phasing Out?


  It is very apparent that technology grows exponentially. The counteraction of technology is evident with the quick progression of new devices and the gradual phasing out of old ones. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are the most used and fastest growing devices in the world; it can be exciting to watch. Since their advent, their […]

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Guest Post- Building an up-cycled chicken coop for under $50

Building a $50 Chicken Coop Every year has a new decor trend but in recent years people have been going crazy for pallet furniture. There’s no doubt that we have made some questionable decor choices in the past (who else here remembers inflatable furniture?). Even benches made from old headboards was popular at one time. […]

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For comfort you can trust try Depend! Specially when expecting! Freebie – #Underwareness


Leaks Happen but Life Doesn’t Have To Stop! Did you know there are more people in their 20’s than in their 80’s that have bladder leakage? As a mom soon to give birth for the 7th time this doesn’t shock me. There are so many reasons for bladder leakage and one of them that isn’t […]

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5 Steps to Start Investing in Healthy Skin

  Look in the mirror and what do you see? The answer – skin and a lot of it. Our birthday suits are our first line of defense against a world that’s now full of chemicals, toxins, free radicals and UV rays. Not to mention all the blunt and sharp objects that can do serious […]

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Hard to put your love into words? Try this! – Valentine’s Day Review!

teleflora valetines day flowers beautiful 2016

After 18 years of being married one of my favorite flower companies has to be Teleflora. My husband has on more than a few occasions sent me lovely flowers when he was deployed, even in war zones from this company who always helped him find beautiful bouquets for me. Oh my goodness the happy tears […]

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