Why I am not going to say “Fed is Best”

The Breast Is Best Argument


One of the blogs I like to follow sadly put down an informational research based post on breastfeeding. I was rather stunned, what mother or Human Being for that matter would put down the benefits of breastfeeding? Why? You see there is a well meaning PC trend right now called “Fed is Best.” It aims to make mothers feel supported in all their baby feeding choices. Lets face it, society has made it very hard to breastfeeding and breastfeeding is something that has been shunned. Women are still being told to feed babies in bathrooms of they choose to nurse, despite the laws and science supporting it. No wonder breastfeeding fails so many mothers and babies. Those mothers of course feel badly, I have been one of them! So when I say Breast is Best is it not to shun mothers who formula feed, it is to support a society that needs to wake up and support the best possible choice as much as possible. Fed is Best is said to emotionally support some women, but what about all the many huge reasons to breastfeed? Do those not matter?

Breast Is Best Fed Is Best

Fed Is Best or is it Fed is Obvious?

I know it is not PC to say but I don’t agree with putting down breastfeeding support. Fed is obvious…. it isn’t a choice. Breastfeeding is best, (100 reason to breastfeed) it is the norm, formula is second best, but I am thankful for it as are so many. It is like saying all food is best for kids, be it cheese burgers everyday or whole healthy foods. Sure we can give kids fast food everyday and call them fed but we can’t pretend it is best for them. The science of breastfeeding is very interesting and we need to share it more. We have a society that thinks it isn’t important, who even still often shuns the act of naturally feeding a baby. I don’t think now is the time for the “fed is best” movement when so many are still not educated on the real choices here and breastfeeding is still not supported in our society as it should naturally be.

Formula companies are a blessing and a curse!

Formula companies spend millions to market and undermine breastfeeding. If one is more offended by “breast is best” rather than outraged over the millions spent successfully to destroy breastfeeding (less than 30% of infants are exclusively breastfed at 3 months, I can only guess the horribly number of breastfed babies getting human milk at age 2 like the WHO recommends.) in our society and lesser the health of our babies and mothers then I am not sure we can have a logical discussion on the topic in the first place. I am sure formula companies love “fed is best”.

So while I love all you Mamas, I just can’t tell you that Fed is Best. It isn’t because I don’t care about how you feel. I trust that you are smart enough to separate your emotions from the simple scientific fact that Breastmilk is the best we have to offer babies. Sometimes we have to go with the second best options in life and we need to put our big girl panties on and deal with that reality.



And Also Formula Fed From Day 1 for so many medical reasons!

Pepere Peter Rory Bottle

Pepere giving baby a needed bottle!

If you follow this blog then you know I failed with breastfeeding to differing levels with all my babies, all 7 of them! I understand the plight but acting like breast and formula are equal options isn’t the solution! Since when do mothers put their emotions above the possible health of the babies in our society? Yes Moms matter but there are other ways to support moms! Putting down breastfeeding and shunning breastfeeding research is certainly not the best way to support mothers!

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  1. lucy parker says:

    What about potential brain damage, low blood sugar etc for babies whose mums don’t “click” with breastfeeding, like me, both my two kids are healthy because formula stood in the gap, my advice is try breast, but if it doesn’t work don’t waste time in switching. Every second counts and can be the difference between life and death.

  2. No. Just no. Fed is best. Period. Evidence shows that with access to safe water there are little to no differences between breastfed and formula fed babies. Supporting all moms choices to feed what they need to to their child isn’t putting down breastfeeding, the same way saying Black Lives Matter isn’t putting down white people. Grow up.

    • I am truly sad that you have not looked into the research showing there is in fact a difference between breastfed and formula fed babies. There has been a very well funded war on breastfeeding now for over a generation, I am not going to add to that by saying Fed is Best. We can’t change the meaning of “best” just to be PC. This is nothing like black lives matter and shame on anyone who tries to use that group to try and make a point and shame someone who does not have the same opinion as you do. You are of course welcome to your opinion, but I strongly support well educated opinions.

  3. Even after having my ideal homebirth with my second child, lactation consults, LLL meetings, and everything being set up for breastfeeding….it still didn’t work for me. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out/isn’t the best choice for that dyad. And that’s ok.