You wouldn’t have been able to say no to this Kitten either!

wild feral barn kitten

Kittens Make Things Better Right?   For a while now I have thought about getting a kitten. Our lives are hurting from cancer in the family, and chaos around the home situation and so many things hard on the heart. I wanted something tiny to cuddle and cry with to be honest. I would often […]

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Teleflora – One Tough Mother – Still Loves Flowers

teleflora flowers mothers day what to get mom

ONE TOUGH MOTHER No one ever said motherhood was easy. It’s a tough, gritty, no-pain-no-gain job that takes strength, courage and a whole lot of love. A mother’s perseverance is inspiring to say the least. Yes, motherhood is a struggle, but through all the difficulty comes reward – an endless supply. Motherhood isn’t always hearts […]

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Introducing Homeselfe – Enter to Win $250


Everyone knows what a selfie is right? A photo you take of yourself. People take these for all kinds of reasons, to help share your life with loved ones and fan, to get advice, to be silly, and many other reasons. So what would you think a home selfie would be about? At first I […]

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Still Time for Robot Summer Camp for the Kids! 55% off with code!


MY READERS RECEIVE 55% Off now with Code: TEX1660M15 @usfg #robots4u Summer Camp can be an important aspect of growing up for many kids. It is almost May and most parents already have their summer for the kids planned and spaces all over the place are filling up. Thankfully there is still time to get […]

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Nature vs. Technology in Childhood- An Unhealthy False Dichotomy


Nature vs. Technology in Childhood In the Crunchy Parenting world the Natural World is our playground and most of us worship the ground we all walk on. That is understandable for Mother nature grows and raised us all. However…. the same community I so adore has this idea that Technology is some how the enemy […]

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Empowering Women To Change Their Destiny


As a woman and mother to 5 amazing daughter I was overwhelmed by a story and movement I heard about. The Skincare Brand SK-ll has been promoting a campaign to help empower women to change their destiny. You would think the campaign would have something to do with beauty, and indeed I think the cause is […]

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Enjoy Spring Fishing With Kids

Fishing Fish Bluegill

It is no secret that modern society has taken most of us far from nature and some of us are struggling to get back to it. Too many children are not at all excited or interested in the outside world anymore and as parents it is our job to help them to connect to nature. […]

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