Introducing Homeselfe – Enter to Win $250

Everyone knows what a selfie is right? A photo you take of yourself. People take these for all kinds of reasons, to help share your life with loved ones and fan, to get advice, to be silly, and many other reasons. So what would you think a home selfie would be about? At first I thought it was about those same reasons….. and it is about one of them. helps you get advice on how to save money by going more green and looking for energy savers around your home. Save money, and help save the planet too! You know this blog loves green products and so checking this one out was a must!

What is Homeselfe?

It is an APP that walks you through your own home energy audit!

It suggests contractors for any improvement you would like to make that you feel you can’t do yourself. 

It tells you about rebates you might qualify for! 

Right now my own family is looking at possibly buying the home we rent and improvements are going to be important. From simply things like painting the front door on the west side of the house a lighter color as the black color makes the door knob a danger to even touch and goodness that door lets in a ton of heat. In the south that is not a bonus! If though we end up moving I want to be more aware of energy saving features of a home and what might cost us more with utilities. Even renters can make some greener changes and save themselves money. This app though I think is mainly for home owners!


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Starts Sunday (4/24) night 12 am EST and will run through  Wednesday (5/15)

One winner  – $250 Visa gift card – US only giveaway

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  1. I learned that the app helps you see where you can save energy. I love the home ‘audit’ idea. This is going to come in handy with all the improvements we are making around our home.

  2. Heather Wong says:

    I cant believe how many different things there are that can help save money in the home.

  3. Very cool app! I’ve never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing.