Nature vs. Technology in Childhood- An Unhealthy False Dichotomy

Nature vs. Technology in Childhood

In the Crunchy Parenting world the Natural World is our playground and most of us worship the ground we all walk on. That is understandable for Mother nature grows and raised us all. However…. the same community I so adore has this idea that Technology is some how the enemy and we must protect our children from it. This does not ring true in my families geeky hearts!


Kids Should Be Doing This – Not This….. or Not.

When I saw the above image basically pitting kids out in nature playing vs kids using technology on a homeschooling page I follow I found myself torn. I loved my nature filled childhood, but goodness I wonder how much I would have learned and loved if technology would have been as it is now. I think I would have loved both! I love both now…. why can’t I love both? I wasn’t sure what to say and then I read a reply from another Mom and I couldn’t say it better myself.

Rachel DeHoff — This image creates an unhealthy false dichotomy that shouldn’t be supported or spread. Kids can and do enjoy playing outside AND using technology. Kids can and do learn moderation, not just with technology but in all things, as they grow and mature. This image shames not only children who use technology to socialize and play, but also those with a passion for it who will grow up to work in any tech industry. One of those kids is my husband, who now supports our homeschooling family by working in technology after years of people shaming him about always being on his phone (that’s where he was learning to code, among other things). It’s about time we act like the reasonable adults we hope our children become, seeing the value in many ways to experience and learn about the world. One of those ways is nature. One of the windows is technology. Keep in mind, the children we’re raising today are digital natives who will likely find their friends, life partner, jobs and most of their entertainment through apps and the internet, whether we like it or not. Kids don’t need any more adultism than is already heaped upon them and they certainly don’t need adults (ON FB, no less!) making fun of their “inferior” childhoods. What they do need is the guidance and support of wise adults who get it and are willing to help them learn the ropes before they’re out there on their own.

I mentioned I couldn’t say it better and would love to add her comment to my blog.

What do you think? 

Can we raise happy and healthy children in both the natural world with technology too? I think so!

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