The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Shower Heads

Description: Thinking of getting a shower head for kids? Get the best tips and advice in this article.

Most kids love to play with water, and so bath time and showering can be a fun adventure. If your child is ready to make the transition from the baby tub to the shower, you need to make sure you get a shower head that’s suitable for your child. At the same time, you have to take the appropriate steps so the experience remains fun and memorable. If you have any other questions about showering, you can found it at:


Tips for Introducing Kids to the Shower

Here are some tips to get your kids’ showering experience off to a good start:

  • Supervision: practice safety measures when showering with your child, and make sure you are supervising them. Don’t let toddlers shower alone: wait until they’re older before allowing them to shower by themselves.
  • Participate: if it’s your child’s first time to take a shower, join in the fun and show him or her how it’s done. You can show your child step by step how to use the shower, wash your hair and so on. This is not just fun but will shorten the learning curve as well.
  • Use bath toys: one of the ways to get your child accustomed to the shower is to let them play with bath toys. These toys will help settle your child in, and at the same time it’s going to make the shift from the tub to the shower easier.
  • Have a nonslip mat installed: this one cannot be stressed enough. There should be a nonslip mat so there are no accidents involving you or your child. As your child learns how to use the shower, remind them to take their time and not to run out after taking a shower. This safety tip applies not just to kids but to adults as well.
  • Encourage your child: last but not the least, offer encouragement to your child and tell them how happy you are they are learning how to use a shower.


What is a Kids Shower Head?

A kids shower head is a fully functional shower head, but aside from being functional they are also colorful and fun. These shower heads have also been designed in such a way that they’re appealing to kids: aside from using primary, bright colors, the shower head may be modeled after a cartoon character or animal.

These shower heads are not only colorful but have some plastic or rubber components, but otherwise the shower head functions like any shower head. One difference however, is the flow rate will be lower and have a limited spray pattern so it’s more comfortable for your child.

Advantages of Children’s Shower Heads

There are different types of shower heads for children, but they all provide similar benefits:

  • Shower is lower: a low shower head means the shower spray won’t be as hard or sharp. Whereas shower heads for adults can sting at times due to its hardness, those for children are not and are gentler on the skin.
  • Fun: these shower heads have been designed in such a way so young kids will be enamored to take a shower.
  • Affordable: competition among the major companies has helped reduce the cost of these shower heads.
  • Gets kids started on the shower: showering is something we all take for granted, but for kids that are used to bathtubs, the transition could be difficult unless the proper shower heads are used. By using shower heads that are designed specifically for kids, they will more easily take to using the shower and cut down the time needed to teach them how to use it.


How Do I Find the Best Kids Head for Me and My Little Ones?

It’s not that hard to find a shower head for kids today: all you need to do is go online and you will find more than a few shower heads made for young children. However you should not just buy any kids’ shower that you see online, as it’s more important to consider the following as well:

  • Colorful: kids love bright colors and as such the shower head needs to be vivid and appealing.
  • Has a theme your child likes: is your child into colorful birds or a particular cartoon character? Whatever or whoever they’re interested in, there’s a good chance a shower head theme for it is available, so go on and get it as that will make it easier to convince them to give up the tub and try the shower.
  • Adjustable: to be specific, the height of the shower head has to be adjustable so you can still use it even as your child grows up. There are different types of shower heads, but generally it comes down to a shut off valve model or combo handheld design. Some parents prefer one design over the other, but in the end it’s up to you.
  • Safety features: this one does not require a lot of explanation: the colorful design, affordability and other factors are all secondary as safety is paramount. To ensure the shower head has a child friendly construction, make sure that there are no small components that your child could accidentally swallow.

Installation of a Kid’s Shower Head

Another factor that you cannot ignore is the installation. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to install a shower head, but the good news is the majority of children’s shower heads are easy to set up and configure.

Even though toddler shower heads look different from those of an adult, they are installed the same way and rely on the same pipes that a typical shower head uses. Furthermore, shower heads for children can be adjusted following the installation so you can switch between an adult and children’s easily.


There was a time when getting toddlers and young kids to use the shower was difficult, but now that’s no longer the case as children’s shower heads make the transition seamless. With so many options to choose from, it’s simply a matter of finding one with a design that your child will like and installing it. Once in place, you and your child can enjoy the shower.

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