Why A Woman Lost Her Mind Over This Baby Photo

We know the online world is full of trolls who are happy to use against us any thing we type or photos we posts. This isn’t something new. However when someone attacked the mother of this baby over this baby photo I knew I couldn’t keep quiet about it. Check out the photo and see if you can tell what upset her so much:


This adorable baby is the daughter of a due date friend I have. Honestly if you didn’t know any better you might not even know this little adorable baby is even a girl. Photos like this are often found on the social media feeds of mothers. Bath time for littles is a time honored tradition actually. Never in my life had I considered they would be an issue, specially with “private” parts covered up. Then though a very disturbed woman sent a message to my friend saying some truly awful things.



You see lilmama_dltxx2 lost her mind over baby nipples, or rather, baby girl nipples. She wouldn’t have thought twice has the bath time photos been of a little boy! She believes that baby girls should never have photos taken or shared online without a shirt. She seems to think it is ok to sexualize babies. In her opinion it is extremely nasty to post photos of baby girls without shirts on. Apparently people like her think undeveloped breasts are sexual at any age? I think she has some mental problems…. her seeing baby breasts as sexual…. now that is gross.

But wait, it gets worse! When the mama she sent this rude message to just laughs it off, she takes it to a real and rather scary level!


Yes, she went there. She threatened a mother with CPS over baby bubble bath photos because the baby girl didn’t have a shirt on. Let’s spell this out for those who can’t “science” shall we? Breasts are secondary sex organs (such as the male adams apple is, but do we consider the adams apple sexual? I think not.), their single purpose is to feed babies. Men have, they are no more sexual on men than they are on women. Society has made them sexual. One could say that anthropologically speaking males where attracted to women with larger breasts because they thought it was a sign that the woman could better feed their offspring but that we know isn’t correct, women with smaller breasts can feed their babies just fine. But we are talking about developed breasts here, the real topic is baby breasts, undeveloped at that. Without knowing a baby is a boy or girl by clothing or a diaper shot, who would even be able to tell a boy from a girl if just looking at the nipples? Apparently lilmama_dltxx2 can! Trying to sexualize innocent children should be the real crime we are talking about here. People like lilmama_dltxx2 need mental help.

In an effort to help this lady get over her illness, here is a photo of my own munchkin.

sleeping baby girl

Dear Sandra, we hope you don’t let this troll get to you. Your photos are lovely and tell a story your baby girl I am sure will be interested in when she is a mother and her little one doesn’t love her first bubble bath. Don’t let the mentally ill take away your little ones innocent childhood or the act of sharing it with others who care about her.


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  1. Thank you so much for this.this troll really did get under my skin. But w. The heart warming thoughts and encouragement from so many ladies I feel for this women now. I will continue to post pics of my beautiful little girl on my instagram and person Facebook page and threw out my groups. To wexualize a child.. a 1 year old. Is deplorable.

  2. WOW! I have pics of my granddaughter enjoying her first bath and first bubble bath and just plain playing in the tub! I don’t see anything wrong with that at all! Point be known, these are kids we are talking about, babies at that, NOT a WOMAN! I do believe that woman needs help! About 2 yrs ago my sister gave me some photos she had that I didn’t and one of them is of me sitting on the potty! Talk about an embarrassing photo to me now, but I’m sure my mother thought it was cute and that’s why she took the pic! Oh and I have pics of my daughter on the pot and in the tub as well! LOL We love to embarrass our kids when they are older, but it’s so cute when they are babies!