What I Learned When My House Was Broken Into


Home break-ins happen 8,000 times each day in America. Only 15% of those criminals are ever caught! My story started a while ago while searching for a new local home to rent while we wait for the military to send us on to the next post. Being that we have moved over 12 times in […]

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Have you started looking for Halloween Costumes Yet?


October is almost here and that means it is very much time to find those perfect costumes! With 5 kids in the house, this is no small deal I have to admit. We tend to shop online and the sooner the better to get the right costumes before they are sold out and to make […]

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Exploring New Foods and Textures with Baby


Thank you to Gerber for inspiring this post!   Meal Time With Baby Having started solid foods with 5 babies now I can tell you that there is no magical age that they are ready. Like the best health organizations I too recommend waiting till 6 months before starting solids. Some babies are ready then, […]

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Fantastic Fall Books for your Kids to curl up with!

Fall picture book list for kids

  One of the most wonderful and relaxing things to do in fall is to curl up with a fantastic book! Ok, so I think all seasons are the perfect time to curl up with a good book. However sitting in a big comfy chair, sipping warm spiced cider, and reading with little ones is […]

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Picking an Instrument to Learn Based upon Body Type


Helping your child choose an instrument can be one of the most important decisions of their life. If they have the talent and desire, music could stay with them for a lifetime. If you and your kiddo don’t know where to start, consider their body type. Though this may change after puberty, choosing an instrument […]

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My newest panic attack over homeschooling high school!


My dear beautiful amazing teenager is now in 11th grade. It is her first day back to school in an online private school that she loves. She has always been homeschooled and always had a great deal of say about her education. I feel like I have failed her though because today her principle told […]

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