10 Costumes not to miss this Halloween!

Halloween is on the way and the kids are a buzz with excitement and costume plans! We have been stalking other bloggers and costume shops the best and most interesting ideas this year and this is our list so far! We hope you find that perfect costume that brings you joy!


1 – DIY Rain Cloud Costume

rain-cloud-costume-12-768x1152This adorable costume is from Crystal at Make It & Love It. It is way easier than I would have thought!









2 – DIY Glowing Jelly Fish


Battery pack LED lights make this costume amazing and simple to put together! almosttherealthing.com did a fantastic job with this costume!









3 – Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Kids Costume

jurassic-world-kids-t-rex-inflatable-costume-bc-808129This Dino costume has been all over youtube making people laugh so much this year. It is for sure a hit! Get it on Amazon!









4 – Fairy Witch

fw5863n Every Halloween I think needs a good witch costume! This costume for kids found on costumes4less.com is so cute! Witches can be cute too!









5 –   YODA costume for the WIN!

star-wars-yoda-toddler-costumeOne of the costumes this year came from www.halloweencostumes.com. My kids loved the selection and there was a sale I couldn’t pass up either! Shipping time was good, and they have fast options! This year with the move has been hard when it comes to finding or making the perfect costume and this site has helped so much to make it all easier. We are so happy with the customer server and have been treated very kindly! We will be sure to check them out year after year as with 5 children who change their minds about what they would like to be for Halloween like they change their clothing, there is always need for quick quality costumes!






6 – Jack! Nightmare Before Christmas

41sikhhsokl-_sy300_Who doesn’t love Jack?









7 – Pikachu

41qt5tghx5l-_sy300_ With Pokemon Go taking over most of the world this past year it is no wonder that all thinks Pikachu are popular! Get your geek on!










8 – Finding Dori 

Finding Dori was one of the hottest movies of the year for kids and we don’t know anyone who didn’t love it!







9 – Crayon Box Costume

crayola_crayon_box The directions are not really clear for this DIY costume but I think it wouldn’t be that hard to do!









10 – Pokemon Ash DIY Costume

diy-pokemon-ash-costume_thumb3    Thank you to keepingitsimplecrafts.com for this Ash DIY because this is the one my son wants to be!









Remember, no matter what costume you make or pick out, it is wise to try it on well in advance and make sure it is comfortable to function in! Be mindful that parts of a costume that must be held may well end up being held by Mom or Dad as kids run house to house! Lastly, keep in mind the weather for your area, it is always sad to see shivering little princesses who just will not put on a coat and ruin their look! Costumes can go over warm clothing in many cases keeping your little ones warm!



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