Don’t miss the WestPoint Home Grand Opening in Dawsonville Georgia


One of my favorite things is exploring new stores, specially on Grand Openings where there is so much to see and do and explore. It gets boring shopping at the same old same old stores. I know there are many military families around where I live that like to travel to Dawsonville for an outing […]

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Hatchimals – Are they worth it?


The hottest new toy of the year, Hatchimals, are hard to find and if not right off the shelf, very costly to buy 3rd party at this point. With all the stress and cost over this toy, are they even worth it? While only your child can really determine that by the play time the […]

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Fuzzy Wonderz – Is it real?


Check out our Unboxing and Review of the Fuzzy Wonderz As a mommy blogger I love reviewing products with my kids. I love researching the companies, finding out what others think, and really diving into a product. When I saw Fuzzy Wonders pop up on my facebook wall I was a bit shocked I had […]

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Review: Foobot – Letting you know when your air isn’t great!


  I am so happy to introduce to you Foobot! He is my new little buddy that helps give me peace of mind about the air quality in my home. He knows when it isn’t healthy, and gives me tips on how to make it better! Ever since I read years ago that stay at […]

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Give of the Gift of Memories Remembered: FREE 12×8 Canvas Print


Dear Lovely Readers, It is that time of year where we try to find the perfect gift for those we care about. I know personally that photo gifts have always been treasured when I give and receive them and so I wanted to be sure you saw this Freebie. I’m very happy to present you […]

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Review: Mouthguard Challenge Game


I have seen games like this before and this one takes it to a new level. It isn’t just words you say, and it is actually challenging but most importantly it is hysterical. If you want something over the top and not just a board game night, this is it. You can play up to […]

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Giveaway – Outdoor Dads – Ends 12/1

Outdoor Dads Giveaway We all have different types of dads. Some love to cook, others watch tv. Some are handy in the garage. Some Dads are outdoor dads. Those kinds of Dads are often running, mountain bike riding, camping and just enjoying life outdoors. My amazing Dad was an Outdoor Dad of epic proportion I must […]

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Did you know that you can have a Christmas Tree Delivered? DEAL!


I was surprised to learn that you can have a Christmas Tree delivered to your home. I know many parents just too busy to go find one or don’t like tying anything to their vans and still want a fresh tree. Shipped though? This sounds like Holiday magic to me!   Hilltop is a family […]

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Toy Review – Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car


Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car Fantastic STEM toy for children 3-6 years old! I got this toy thinking I would be gifting it to my 6 year old Nephew who has a passion for all things with wheels. However when my 6 year old daughter told me that her imaginary friend Keelee […]

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Giveaway – LG X power Cell Phone

Happy to bring you this fantastic cell phone giveaway to brighten your Holidays or that of a loved one! How exciting would it be to gift this cell phone to your Mom, or a child in your life who longs to be better connected and chase Pokemon even? I know personally I have children who […]

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Hair Brushing Without Tears – Dessata Detangling Brush

Brushing Without Pain!

I have to share with you the most remarkable hair brush that detangles and doesn’t hurt. I know most parents have heard about such brushes before and with so many daughters you better believe I have tried many of them. I have even liked a few, but most I don’t actually recommend. This brush though, […]

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New Kids Game – Not Parent Approved


There is a new kids game on the market called Not Parent Approved and it is a hysterical! It is a bit like Apples to Apples and a kids version of Cards Against Humanity. While the title says Not Parent Approved, it is filled with silly topics kids can relate too and parents shouldn’t actually […]

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Society is failing women because men are not as strong!


This week we learned that there is a very effective male injection birth control being tested and though it is very successful, the trial has now been stopped because simply put, men can’t deal with even half the side effects women are expected too!  Women have had the burden of preventing pregnancy for as long […]

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