Children’s Book Review: Vet (Busy People)


A cute little book to help young minds think about the jobs out in the world around them. This cute little book, Vet (Busy People) by Lucy Cuthew and Ando Twin is 24 pages of learning for ages 3-6. The reading isn’t very hard so young readers can enjoy this on their own too!

The story line is about a vet who has a clinic that takes care of pets but then gets called out to a farm and helps there in different ways too. It is adorable and reminds me of the best vet shows on TV in the documentary category. Documentary shows are our very favorite. For that reason my kids could really connect with this story line.

Our favorite part was the end of the book where it showed other jobs connected to the Vet and what he does. Kids are often asked what they want to do some days and they can have some big fantastic ideas. Some kids though have no idea. This book, and others in this line, can help give kids an idea of what they might like to do some day but also help give them ideas about what Adults out in their world are doing right now and hope important all those jobs are.

Thank you for letting us share the 5th new book the kids here got to open in their “New Book A Day” tradition for December! We hope your kids have lots of wonderful new books to fall in love with too!

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