Fantastic App for New Parents – Babytime the Baby Tracker

Babytime Tracker App

Babies can seem like little bundles of mystery, even for experienced parents as each baby is different. The Babytime APP is free! It is a Baby Tracker made to help you track your babies patterns, from food, medications, sleep, diapers, and more. If you have had a baby before than you know most hospitals and pediatricians ask you to track how much your baby is eating and how many diapers they have for a while after your little one is born. This is vital information if you or they think something might not be right and if everything is great, it gives you peace of mind. Even with our 5th baby we had to do this and we tried it on paper as we had before, and like before, it was a pain because we ended up with papers scattered all over and it being hard to organize.

You see chances are more than one person if helping you care for your baby. In my case I would deal with feeding when breastfeeding and my husband would deal with diapers. Mix in complications such as breastfeeding issues due to many reasons and suddenly husband and others would be giving bottles of breast milk and I was pumping. All these things had to be tracked. Further issues brought formula into our lives making things even more complicated for recording.

Our newest darling was born 5 weeks early with low blood sugar and sucking reflex. We tried writing everything on paper and that didn’t work well at all. It was so messy and hard to keep track of how much baby was getting of breastmilk in bottles, formula, and nursing time. We even tried text messages because husband would get up and let me sleep and baby wouldn’t eat much so he would leave me a text for when my alarm went off next to let me know she should be more hungry. All this to say, even as experienced parents we struggled to have it all organized. So when I saw Babytime, I was thrilled. That would make life tracking baby easier and it has features I think are fantastic.

Simplify with Babytime Baby Tracker

The Simfler company saw the problem new parents faced and came up with a way to help simplify keeping track of all your baby is up to! You can download this Babytime in the apple app store!

This APP lets you:

Record Baby’s Activies

Record Baby’s Eating from bottle to breastfeeding!

Record baby’s sleep time

Record diaper output

Shows you the patterns in your little ones life.

Gives you a growth chart so you can see how baby is growing, like the one your doctor uses!

You can use the Diary Entry to make notes of milestones, hard nights, what worked to get baby to bed, and things your doctor told you that you don’t want to forget!

You can sync baby’s profile so other caregivers who help with baby can all be on the same page about baby care!

And because this company knows we love bragging about our cute baby, they include imessage stickers too!


This babyapp keeps all the important information in one place for quick reference!


While some babies have to go to the doctors office often to be checked for weight, like ours, not all babies do. A growth chart you can check at home on this app is fantastic for helping you keep up to date on where your baby fits on the chart.


Every baby has a different routine, let this Baby Tracking app help you see it clearly!


Seeing patterns can be super helpful and often the early weeks of parenting are a bit of blur. If you can see the patterns you can tell when baby sleeps best. After drives, walks, a visit from Grandma! When you figure out just works for your baby, things go a lot smoother for everyone.

I highly recommend this app to anyone with a baby that they help care for, be it a new parent or an experienced one. The more we know the smarter choices we can make! Babytime is the perfect baby tracker for keeping all the right information at our finger tips. 

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