Fuzzy Wonderz Unboxing and Review!


This year we all know that that newest and hottest toy of the season is a hatchimal, however one might have to pay their car payment to get one at this point so when you find a toy that hatches, interacts, tells stories, is cute, and has an APP…. you get excited.


There is admittedly a lot of drama that has gone on in my opinion with the Furby Wonderz company. You can follow that on the blog post Fuzzy Wonderz Is It Real?

We solidly know that this toy is real and some of my little ones have done a Fuzzy Wonderz Unboxing you can see now!


You can now get this toy at the store FYE and a vender is selling them Fuzzy Wonderz on Amazon.

Toy Review:  While our little pink Fuzzy Wonderz came with a small crack in the shell, it still hatched the way it should have. Hatching it was fun and the kids were excited (except for my son who really wanted to get back to his Skylanders game!).

It was a bit difficult to get off the base of the egg when that time came but we figured it out. I have to say, this little toy is very durable with how we had to yank it from that egg and since then all the rough play it has gotten because the kids really like it, specially the baby who from time to time tosses it across the room. A few of my girls are already asking to get more!

The APP is cool and adds another level of play, I have it on my cell phone that I was using to record the video so that is why you don’t see that part in the video. We also now have the APP on the kids iPad. Not sure I can get it on their Kindles as I haven’t checked.

This toy did all the things one would want from a little pet like this. As we already have a Hatchimal I can say with certainty that so far the Fuzzy Wonderz has gotten more play time.

In Mommy news:  I had the house to myself and was going into the kitchen talking to myself as most brilliant people do, LOL, I was going over all that I need to get done this busy holiday season. I jumped so high when from the counter comes the loud voice of the Fuzzy Wonderz (ours is named Cookie) and she says “I can’t hear you!” and because I surprised I let out a string of cuss words that would make any grandma blush, and then it replied with something along of the lines of “Ok Goodbye”. Oh how I laughed. Why was it in my kitchen?

I can say that it is annoying to hear the “I can’t hear you” over and over but it does have an off switch. The kids don’t seem to mind the repeating phrases at all.

Over all, this is a cute little toy. What more could you ask for from a hatching toy? It has an APP and is in my opinion more interactive than the hatchimal, though unlike that toy the Fuzzy Wonderz doesn’t walk. I wish this toy was interactive with others of it’s kind. (though if you put some side by side they will make noise at one another but it isn’t the level of Furby interaction.)

There is a lot to be desired when it comes to the company that makes these and that is too long to get into, again, go check out the other blog post on them. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be well informed and know what you are getting into. In my opinion, if you can, buy from a local FYE!

As for the toy, this is a win! 


   I was not paid or compensated in any way beyond being sent this toy free of charge for review. 

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  1. I purchased a fuzzy Wonder from toys r us and it did not hatch. It does reapond to the commands correctly. Goes on in its own and won’t shut off. 2 letters to the company with no reaponse. Don’t buy