Gifting A Good Night of Sleep

 People spend an average of 33% of their lives sleeping. That doesn’t include all the time so many of us spend in our comfy beds now watching TV, playing on laptops, tablets, cell phones, and reading books. Shouldn’t the 1/3rd of our lives we spend in bed be special? Why not gift things to loved ones to help that special time be more wonderful?



Bamboo Pillows – I have been sleeping on a Bamboo Pillow by RELAX HOME LIFE and I love it! The pillow I got is very soft, comfy, and fluffy. I went from someone who used a few pillows, to just this one.

Some of the benefits:

– Made with Breathable Bamboo Fabric (bamboo is considered a very sustainable and eco-friendly textile)

– Aligns to any sleep style including sleeping on your stomach, back or side.

– BAMBOO Pillows Are Machine Washable

– 5 Year Never-Goes-Flat Warranty

I can very much believe the Never-Goes-Flat Warranty. I never fluff this pillow, it is just so fluffy! I have tried some very costly pillows over the years and often the ones that are very structured make my neck hurt. Though to be honest I have neck issues with the C curve. Too often the pillows are too heavy, bulky, and hot. This pillow just isn’t. Right out of the box I was surprised that it came with no off gassing smell. You can get one here: and by clicking on this link my readers get 15% off their pillow order! 

  Great Gifts For Busy People

Another great gift to help people sleep is a Sleep Machine. I noticed a while ago that the most busy and accomplished people I know all have sleep machines, even when they travel they bring their beloved sleep machines with them. I have wondered about this and now I am happy to tell you about them!

Sound+Sleep Special Edition: Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System with 64 distinct sounds from 

I admit, there are nights when I can not sleep with sounds going on around me. They can make me feel a bit nuts. The good news is sleep machines can help drown out the sounds with white noise to give you a peaceful nights rest. More often for me though, I can’t sleep without sound! Partially because we have a toddler who sleeps in a crib near our bed (when I am lucky and she is not sleeping on us kicking all night) and she got in the habit of watching a few movies before bed. So I got in the habit too. Now I find myself leaving a streaming show on all night, driving up our Data bill! This sleep machine though has 64 different sounds, I don’t have to stream to sleep now, and the baby doesn’t need her movies playing either to get a good nights rest!



You will notice, it has a “Baby” setting! What could that sound like you think? It sounds like baby being in the womb, so a whishy sound, the sound of blood in the umbilical cord actually, and the sound of an adult heartbeat, Moms! This setting is made for babies. You might think a toddler would have long forgotten this sound but they remember! It is one reason they still like to sleep on parents and listen to their heartbeats, like my little one in the photo below from just the other night.


We discovered that while we love the listening to ocean sound on this machine, our favorite it the thunderstorm! Not sure why it is so soothing but we sleep the whole night with this on now!

If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone, consider the gift of sleep!

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  1. Jessica Pulido says:

    I have been having a hard time sleeping. I wondered if it was my pillow. I have this noise machine and it is awesome. I think I need to check out these bamboo pillows! Awesome review!