Why Do Kids Love Minecraft?

 If you don’t know by now, Minecraft is a video game about taking the most simple block and building with them, from simple little huts to protect you from monsters to huge castles in the sky all while going on wild adventures. Randomly generated worlds provide so many possibilities. Kids can play on their own, or in worlds with friends and familys or join worlds and meet new friends! 

   Did you know there are many educational opportunities with this game too? From full on online homeschools in the minecraft world to online mini lessons anyone can do. Kids learn some history, science, problem solving, and so much more. 

Minecraft has an estimated 23 million user accounts with about 1 million players on at any given hour, more during peak hours! This game is so amazing that Microsoft bought it for 2.5 Billion Dollars.

   Right now on the hottest places to get this game on different consoles or for computes is Best Buy



Xbox One S console bundle for Minecraft is on a lot of holiday lists this year and for good reason, it is amazing!

For years now my husband and I have played this fantastic game with our kids. We have had our own server, our kids have their own open world now that they run with people from around the planet. They are working on leadership skills and social skills and putting their morals and ethics to the test trying to keep “order” in their world with so many different people and personalities and game styles. It is truly wonderful for them I think. 

The kids of course have a great collection already of Minecraft Toys. Best Buy though has ones I haven’t see any place else and the kids agree, they are so cool!


One of the the toys the kids collect happens to be the minecraft blind boxes. Inside the box is a random toy from a certain series. These little toys can easily get lost though and so I got my kids a box a lot like this one a while back. This one is great as it comes with a set of the minecraft toys.


It isn’t hard to understand why kids adore Minecraft and why we should support their interest in it. Not only is it fun, but it is educational!

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