Review: The Planet of Puzzles

Planet of Puzzles Math Adventure Book

The Planet of Puzzles: Be a hero! Create your own adventure to defeat the alien robots (Math Quest)

For day 4 of our holiday tradition of reading a new book every day in December we opened this Math Quest book! As we have had some bad luck this year, it was only fitting our washing machine died during our move, so I knew we would be spending time at the laundromat today and this book would be perfect for one of our children to read.

This 48 page choose your adventure novel is made for children 8 to 12 years old and grades 3 -7. It challenges kids to use their knowledge of tables, charts, graphs, averages, and probability. The author of this book is David Glover and he has worked as a research scientist and as a teacher of mathematics and science. He has written best-selling maths and science books and CD-ROMs for all ages, from primary schoolchildren to Open University students. For a man who isn’t an English Teacher I dare say his story is fantastic! It is exciting and pulls you in. Unlike some other novels that try to tell a story, this one doesn’t loose it’s story line in the math. The math and the story compliment each other.

We spent over an hour and half on this book together and I admit, some how we got lost and had to circle back. We STILL haven’t finished the book but hope to soon. My advice is to use a piece of paper as a book mark and write down the symbol of the question you are on next so you can pick up where you left off!

This book is about aliens and recycling and adventure and is a lot of fun!

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