Why you shouldn’t support Hatchimal Scalpers


 Most parents this year are well aware that the hot new toy is the Hatchimal, most parents are also aware of how hard getting one actually is. In part it is hard because of toy scalpers who go into stores and buy up all the stock just to turn around and resell at outrageous prices.

I didn’t focus too much on those people till one hit close to home. You see there is a “support group” for a toy I have been following for a month now, Fuzzy Wonderz. Fuzzy Wonderz is a bit like a Hatchimal and there is a lot that has gone on with the company, too much for this post but if you want to learn more you can go over to this Fuzzy Wonderz post and read up. Anyway, late one night in the group a member posted trying to scalp a hatchimal for $125 plus shipping. Not the worst, but seriously…. most people who bought a Fuzzy Wonderz did so because they didn’t want to pay some crazy scalper price.

Michelle Swanson-Romero saw the desperation, not only of parents who couldn’t find a hatchimal but also those who have been through the ringer with Fuzzy Wonderz and pounced. Turns out Michelle says she is a cop for the LA county Sherrif office. I believe that when trying to bully people into standing against scalpers didn’t work, she blocked us. While things started peaceful enough, some parents where rightly upset. While Michelle shared some story of buying a scalped toy and then doing some charity, and getting one in return, so she has the scalped one to sell, in short what it came down to was her attacking others in my opinion and then saying: It’s Business, Make America Great Again.

But is this really great? When asked if she would pay taxes on scalping toys like a business should, she dodged the question.

Is taking advantage of parents really making America Great Again, or is it part of the issue?

Is greed an American value?

So why should you avoid buying from a scalper:

#1 There are known online scams of people saying they have this toy and then once they have the money they disappear.

#2 At the base level, do we want to support greed? Is that a value we would want our children learning?

#3 Many of these toys when scalped do NOT come with a way to return defective toys and if you have read the Hatchimal reviews online, some are broken and you will not know it till Christmas morning when the child opens it. Seriously, read the reviews. Without a receipt you can’t return this toy for your money back. Do you think that shady scalper is going to be helpful then?

#4 Part of the reason so many kids will be disappointed this Christmas is BECAUSE of the scalpers. They buy up all inventory they can find and then upsell the hatchimals, making parents either disappoint their kids or pay crazy prices.

#5 Parents know we shouldn’t reward bad behavior, so why reward the scalpers? This isn’t ethical business practice. Is a child happy for a few minutes worth selling out our morals? It really isn’t.


    Good news for parents wanting Hatchimals!

     How to get a Hatchimal for retail.

First, join some hatchimal groups, not ones that allow scalping. You will get notices of when stores are getting inventory. One group shared this today:



It has also been reported that Toys R Us will have Hatchimals in stock on December 18th! It isn’t too late!

  My best tip, post on your social media that you want one for your child. I did this and my loved ones called their local stores around the country and one friend in Arizona went out that very night, super late, and got one for one of my daughters and mailed it to me. I paid retail plus shipping.


I will say what many others have said. I don’t think the play value of the hatchimal is even worth the retail price. I know that might not help you, as your child might badly want one, but if you are on the fence and not sure if this toy is worth it, in my opinion, it isn’t.

Remember Easter is coming, hatching toys are perfect for Easter, and they will be much easier to get then.

Lastly, there are some great “Santa letters about Hatchimals” out there to be printed. It isn’t a perfect solution, but I think it is much better than rewarding deplorable toy scalpers.

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  1. It is great to see you standing by your word! I wasnt blocked and had to read some more of her comments

  2. So disgusting! Preying on parents and children is just really low. I find greed to be such a nasty trait during Christmas season that rears it’s ugly head. Good for you standing up to her!

  3. I have always believed that you should vote with your dollars and use your purchases to purposefully support the values you support. I also believe that we shouldn’t teach our children that their happiness is contained in a particular toy or item (because it never does hold lasting happiness). A return to the meaning of the season is desperately needed. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in.

  4. This stuff aggravates me. It happens with collectible items too. People who don’t care at all about the item buying them all up to price gouge people who actually want it. Great post!

  5. This whole Hatchimal craze is insane! I cannot believe there are people that take advantage of something like this, and make it impossible for so many to get one. Luckily my kids are only slightly interested in them, but have other items higher up on their wish lists.

  6. I am really glad that you shared this information. My daughter wanted a Hatchimal badly for Christmas but I refuse to pay a higher price for one, so we are waiting till her birthday. I will never purchase from a scalper. Thanks for this heads up!

  7. Rebecca Bryant says:

    It also surprises me how greedy people are at Christmas time. Whatever happen to the spirit of giving and kindness.

  8. The nerve of some people!! It’s unreal what some people will do to try and make a buck over the holidays. My kids aren’t interested in this toy but if they were I would not support a scalper. Ever!

  9. I totally agree, and think it’s so sad that kids can’t get their dream gift because of a grown-up’s greed. I feel the same way about ticket scalpers.

  10. So many of my friends are going through this issue right now, they want Hatchimals and it’s not available in stores. The scalpers make the holiday season just so stressful.

  11. I don’t support anyone that sells anything for more than what you can get it for. I have friends that buy certain exclusive prints of cloth diapers and then sell them for three times the retail value. Drives me nuts.

  12. deborah dennert says:

    I get it but if people want to spend the money, than it is their money. Seems like the last 10+ years there is at least one ‘must have but it isn’t available so I’ll pay triple the price’ toy every Christmas. To me, if I really wanted one, I would have no problem waiting until January.