Stunning Children’s Book Illuminature


Illuminature: Discover 180 animals with your magic three color lens!

It is safe to say that most children love Animals and a great many love books too. Add to that a secret way of seeing those animals and that combination makes for a fantastic experience children will adore. The Illuminature book was written for those ages 8 – 12 and has 64 brilliantly beautiful pages for kids to explore.


This book comes with a lens with three colors. One to illuminate the day time creatures, the blue to show us the animals at night, and the green to show us the plants.

You turn the page and see beautiful lines in different colors but they are all mixed and blended together.


The kids can already point out some animals and plants. The page is beautiful and enchanting.

Then you put the red lens in front of an eye!


You can see the day time animals. Then you look at the same page with the blue lens.


Lastly you look at the page with the green lens!


Your child goes on an adventure around the world through different habitats finding 180 animals. There are pages that talk about each of the animals and you can go back and try to find them in the pages. It is educational and fun and we love this book.

Some books like will only look at a few times, this book though is such a joy that they keep going back to it. They take it on drives, to appointments, and even the laundry mat. We have only had this book a few days now and it is already well traveled. You know a book is good when kids will sit down next to kids they don’t know just to show them this book!

This book would make a perfect gift for just about any child I think!

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