Review: Online School


It has been amazing as a homeschool family to find a good online school. An Accredited High School that understands young minds and modern lives is very important to us. Our oldest daughter, now a Junior in High School has been going to since 8th grade. From the very start she loved it. Online live classes 4 days a week, curriculum that uses modern technology and also hands on approaches to learning. As a parent I can see how smooth a transition it will be for students at this High School to move on to college courses both on campus and online, as they are very similar.

I wanted to do a quick review of this school as we get asked about it often. Their is of course tuition, and it is the same price no matter where you live as it is all online. It is not however run by the government and it is 100% NOT Common Core.


We had heard a lot of things about other online schools and the costs of them seemed insane, specially as we have many children. We gave WiloStar a chance that first year, a middle school year, to see if it would be worth the money and we strongly believe it is and that the cost is reasonable.


Some of the down sides on this Online School:

With this being an online school, one must be able to get online, sometimes that isn’t possible due to storms and travel. We actually needed to go stay with my sister for a while as she needs a baby sitter and my Husband was away for training anyway. We discovered she didn’t have internet at her home, she used wifi from her cell phone, but when she was not home, that meant anyone that was, didn’t have the internet. It took near a week to get wifi installed. A week basically without school as most everything for some of the classes is online.

One issue that many online students have we have noticed is that when they get behind it can be incredibly difficult to catch back up. For this reason I suggest treating online homeschooling like this like you would Homeschooling and stay on top of the lessons so you will know when your child is behind. My daughter was doing so well that I stopped checking, this has turned into a mistake on my part a few times. 

  The math curriculum she found very boring, this isn’t an issue with this online school, many homeschool parents and kids love Teaching Textbooks actually. My daughter though finds the instructor in the learning videos hard to follow. The online school switched her and she is doing ok but I can’t seem to find a way for parents to track it. 

  There are currently 11 electives listed and my daughter has done most of them. Be sure to have your student pick them out before the semester starts as classes fill up. My daughter feels like there should be more. There is only one Art class you can take once, this isn’t helpful for a child that that really likes art. Excited because 4 new ones are coming out this coming fall! New for fall are Anatomy and Physiology, Fantasy Writing, Debate and Mock Trial, and Forensic Science.

My daughter is a Junior now and I have gotten no information about what is needed for the transition for college, no info on the SATs, and again, feeling in the dark. I am told by public school moms that they get notices home about these things and meetings. I was told though that The SAT info and graduation prep is coming!

 What We Love About WiloStar3d

Each semester the students get a new teacher for their new subjects. Our daughter has really liked all her teachers, some really stand out and she wishes she could have them again. Each year for this not so little military family something big or tragic happens, be it a move or a death. These things have caused our children to get behind a bit, this school has helped our daughter catch up when this happens and most teachers have been great about accepting late work.

The principle always gets back to me kindly when I contact her. (I just wish I got the school e-mails when they send them out!) Our communications over the years means she knows our daughter, and our family, and it doesn’t feel like our daughter is lost in the mass of numbers like many schools.

The online school of course has a wonderful online campus a lot like the game SIMS and others where you run around as an avatar and interact with others and objects. It has willow trees of course and many kinds of beautiful buildings and portals to worlds where kids build. One of the great things about this way of learning is that kids can create 3D environments showcasing what they have learned rather than just the standard book/paper/test system most schools currently use.

This is not the “teach to test” system nearly all other schools use. Most online schools are still teach to test. This is different and this is better!

Mrs. G is the math teacher available daily, she has been using the audio app and whiteboard to do one on one sessions all year as students need them. Students can request a session whenever they get stuck because students need to be able to have help as problems present themselves.

The electives are fun and educational and really well done for being an online school.

The books picked for literature based learning have been fantastic! There have been only 2 my daughter has had no interest in, one of them is currently The Great Gatsby, she truly doesn’t like this book, or the movie comparisons she has to do. Even with her not enjoying this book, I know it has some important topics that will help her later in life.

In the end, my daughter really loves this school. Some years have gone smoothly, other years she struggles due to many reasons, most the school can do little about. She has known other students who leave the school and then come back as this is the best fit for them. The school does try to work with students in their given situations. The class sizes are about 15 students per teacher and the teachers care.

When our oldest  graduates I will be sure to update again! 

My oldest surrogate daughter started this school a bit ago, when I know more about her thoughts I will update again!

When our son starts in this school I will be sure to update about his experiences!


If you have any questions about things from a parent or student perspective about wilostar3d, let us know!

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