April The Pregnant Giraffe Should Be Teaching You This About Birth!

 What is April the Giraffes Due Date we wonder?

For days now millions of people have heard about April the Giraffe who is due to give birth. For days now we have watched and waited for this very natural event to take place. For days we have went to work or school or out shopping or to sleep wondering if we will miss it. Still, here it is, the 26th of February and April has not had her calf! Asking what April the Giraffes Due Date was on their facebook page didn’t get a reply…


I love that so many people are watching and waiting for this birth to happen. I love that April the Giraffe is reminding us all of something very important. Something the natural birthing community knows so well…

April the Giraffe is teaching us something important about birth!

Giraffes have a gestation of about 15 months. In that time they grow a calf (a baby) from the size of a rain drop to 150 lbs and 6 feet tall! When that baby is ready to born is a mix of a few things, and the due date is more of a best guess date.


So while April the Giraffe was due mid-February, this clearly doesn’t mean that is when the calf was ready to be born. One thing we know, baby is coming, just in his or her own time.

April the Giraffe’s Due Date was Mid February. However they ovulate every 15 days and like humans, the first time doesn’t always make a baby, or the second…. One thing is for certain, she is actually pregnant!

Just like human babies that are due at 40 weeks but that came come weeks before or after that best guess date!

Many people have taken to trolling the chat boards about this. Some joking that we are waiting for her to lay and egg, other telling us they are OBGYNs and they would be elbow deep in that mama by now. Goodness I hope they are all joking and don’t actually believe this stuff. April is thankfully safe from the high rate of American c-sections and the keepers at the zoo are happy to observe and let nature do what nature does, all in good time. April has had 3 other pregnancies and all three calves made into the world just fine, in their own time!

We are all excited to see the new addition and while the weight might seem like torture, we need to trust that baby will come when baby is ready.

April reminds us all, a due date is not an expiration date!

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