Deeply Meaningful Baby Shower Activity

Baby Shower Activity Coupon Support Mom Dad

The Most Important Part of A Baby Shower

Throwing a Baby Shower can be very intimidating, everyone just wants the best experience for the expecting parents and of course all the guests. Picking out just the right games and activities along with the theme and how to show love and care for the expecting parents can seem daunting.

For weeks now my sister and I have worked on putting together a baby shower. There are so many choices! Of course games are important but even more important to me was making sure my Sister and her Wife feel supported as they welcome the new baby into their family. I have had many children and living far from family and being military often far from friends too I know how scary it can feel, how alone, when bringing a new baby home. My sister and her wife are lucky to have some local family and friends. However even when surrounded by people, one can feel alone. Our society is not new family friendly, it just isn’t. In other cultures, in older cultures, the time after a new baby arrives is sacred and the new family is surrounded my love and support. That doesn’t seem to be the current American way, and this needs to change.

The Baby Shower is about supporting New Parents!

In an effort to make sure my sister and her wife feel supported when new baby comes I created a Baby Shower Activity, Baby Coupons. They are simple to do and so very deeply important.

You can click on the image and save and print your own if you like.

Baby Shower Coupon

As they are expecting another boy, I went with blue to go with the colors in the rest of their theme. Of course colors don’t have genitalia. Just in case you wanted a pink one though I am adding one here you can use. If you need help with a different style just let me know. I enjoy my photoshop time!


Do you know about the 4th Trimester for Mom and Baby?

To give the guests an idea about how important this time is, perhaps explain the 4th Trimester to them. This vital time of growth and bonding and healing for Mom and Baby and really the whole family. To help guests come up with ideas on how to fill out their coupons that are given to the expecting parents I printed off sheets and taped them to the tables. We had the shower outside to this worked the best given the wind!

Baby Coupon Ideas

You can copy and print the above printable as well. If you want help changing it, let me know! Having to make these myself I know the time it takes and if you are short on time, I would be happy to help however I can as I love all you dear readers and supporting parents is very important to me.

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