Cavities Don’t Take Vacations: Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth Wherever You Go


You have to be constantly aware of the need to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible and even a couple of weeks away from your usual cleaning regime while you are on vacation, could be enough to do a small amount of damage.


Here is a look at how you can come back home with the same healthy teeth you left with, including why you want to pack your electric toothbrush, how you can still use a mouthwash, and a solution to help oral hygiene between brushing.


Good work so far


It seems that the general care advice give by organizations like the American Dental Association is hitting home to a certain extent and more people are aware of the need to give their teeth and gums a fight chance of staying healthy.


Regular brushing and flossing help to prevent periodontal disease and if you manage to kill off bacteria before it has a chance to do any lasting damage that can only be good news for your oral hygiene and health as well as your smile.


All that good work, including regular visits to the dentist and the chance to find out about teeth whitening, should be recognized and you might give yourself a small pat on the back.


What you don’t want to do is let things lapse and undo some of that good work by giving your usual routine a miss while you are away on vacation.


Don’t forget your toothbrush


Most dentists tend to suggest you get yourself an electric toothbrush if you want to give your teeth and gums a thorough clean each time, so if you have taken that advice you shouldn’t be tempted to make do with an ordinary toothbrush while you are away.


You should find that a good quality electric toothbrush will hold enough charge to last the length of your vacation if you take it with you, so plug it in and pack it in your case when it is fully charged.


Even if it does run out you can use it as a manual toothbrush anyway, which will also serve as a good reminder why you decided to invest in an electric one in the first place.


There is a way to take mouthwash with you


Using a mouthwash regularly will definitely help your oral hygiene so you will want to carry on with that routine even when you are away.


The obvious concern with that suggestion is the fact that it is extremely difficult to travel with anything liquid these days and take it onto an airplane.


However, you will find that almost every main brand of mouthwash is available in a TSA-approved travel size, so you shouldn’t have too many problems taking your favorite regular mouthwash with you on vacation.


Pack some gum


When you are outside of your normal daily routine and enjoying a leisurely break it will be more likely that you could be leaving it longer than normal between your usual brushing and flossing tasks.


A good way to bridge that gap would be to have some sugarless gum.


Chewing gum should increase saliva levels in your mouth and will help to wash away food particles when you are not able to brush your teeth after a meal.


It is easy to keep up the good work and look after your teeth and gums even while you are away on vacation, as long as you know what to pack and what to do when you are away.


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